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Welcome to the website for guided free walking tours in Stockholm. Our friendly city guides offer informative and fun tours free of charge. We offer six thematic free walking tours in English and Spanish ! We offer special private tours at the most competitive prices in Stockholm! We have a wealth of knowledge about Swedish culture and living in Stockholm. Our main goal is to make your visit to Stockholm more genuine and thorough.

Meeting point all of our free walking tours

Outside the subway station at Gamla Stan (Old Town)

Guided Free Walking Tours in English

Our guides work with microphones (Loudspeakers)

No booking required!
Just show up at the meeting point and we’ll be waiting for you!

1. Free Walking Tour Stockholm City

Starts at 10:00 every day

Free walking tour StockholmThe Free Tour Stockholm City start at Old Town. This free walking tour goes beyond introducing the sites. We will guide you through the city’s fascinating history from its darkest hours to its brightest moments.
The Free Tour City end near The Royal Palace at the beginning of the Ceremony Change of the Guard. The tour offered in the special approx 2 hours route and will typically include the following sights and topics. Our recommendation free museums Stockholm.

2. Free Walking Tour Stockholm Old Town

Starts at 13:00 every day

tour-old-townThe Free Tour Old Town. Gamla Stan (Old Town) is one of the medieval centres with a long history and it has been largely preserved through the ages. Only one person has been found guilty of trying to destroy it. Who was this person and why did he try ? Why is the narrowest alley only 90 cm ? What is the meaning of the mysterious metallic house signs? Why doesn’t the King of Sweden wear a crown ? We meet outside the subway station at Gamla stan. This tour ends at the Birger Jarls Square.

3. Free Tour por La Ciudad Vieja de Estocolmo en Español

Empieza a las  10:00 todos los días

free tour estocolmo

Tour Gratis Estocolmo en Español. Duración: 1 hora y 30 minutos. Empieza a las 10:00 todos los días. Gamla Stan (Ciudad Antigua) es un santuario medieval testigo de eventos históricos. Ciudad Antigua ha sido preservado a lo largo de los siglos. Punto de encuentro: afuera de la estación de metro Gamla Stan. El tour se hará llueva o haga sol. No es necesario reservar ! 

4. Free Walking Tour – Sinister Side of Stockholm’s Old Town 

Starts at 17:00 every Friday,Saturday and Sunday

Albert Gustaf Dalman , was a Swedish executioner. The Free Walking Tour Dark Side of the Old Town. It’s a free walking tour with a special theme. The tour covers events from the dark, more dramatic and tragic side of Stockholm’s history.
You will visit the Devil’s Alley, where once lived the City Executioner, whose services were in high demand at the time.
No ghosts, no fairy tails, no fiction – only facts!

5. Free Food Tour Stockholm

Starts at 12:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

food tour in StockholmThe Free Food Tour Stockholm without the obligatory payment for the guideís work.
The Free Food Tour Stockholm operates on the same basis of no obligatory payment for the guide’s work.
The tour lasts 2 hours, during which we visit 4-5 food stores and stalls that are popular among locals. They serve the most delicious and, at the same time, inexpensive meals in Stockholm. 
Meeting Point : Outside the metro station (subway station) at Gamla Stan

6. Free Walking Tour The Subway – an Underground Gallery

Starts at 16:00 every Friday,Saturday and Sunday

Stockholm SubwayThe Free Tour Stockholm Subway. The tour takes us through underground Stockholm as we move along our route using the subway.
You may have heard about our efficient and artistic subway.
This tour ends the subway station at Kungstradgarden.
Please keep in mind that you will need to buy a subway ticket to join the tour. This tour is particularly recommended during bad weather.

Segway Stockholm Airwheel Tours

Booking Required

segway stockholmThe Tour on Wheels. This will be the most exciting tour you can imagine. We will show you all major sights in about 120 minutes. Discover the most important hotspots on our 10 km long tour through the heart of Stockholm. You will listen to the stories on more than 30 hotspots while riding on the Airwheel. We optimise our stops on the tour according to the available time. We won`t let you be bored, after providing you with exciting information about a sight, we will take you to the next place.

Private Tours

Request Only

Private tour StockholmThe Private Tours in Stockholm. Only with us walking tours (or by car) in Stockholm are at the most competitive prices. We offer all kinds of routes of varying length and intensity.
Send us an email with your preferences and get the best offer in Stockholm.

*Guides receive no salary of any kind other than what they receive only from the guests who decide to join us

**Groups consisting of more than 10 people must book a private tour

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