Free Food Tour Stockholm 

without the obligatory payment for the guide’s work

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Just show up at the meeting point and we’ll be waiting for you!

Free Food Tour StockholmStarts at 12:00

every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Meeting Point :

Outside the metro station (subway station) at Gamla Stan (Old Town)

See the Google Map-Our Meeting Point




We are introducing the first free food tour in Stockholm – a new attraction for visitors of the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden. It is a well-known fact that staying in Sweden, especially in Stockholm, is quite expensive. Many visitors rate the services of our city, including Stockholm’s gastronomy, as “expensive or very expensive”, and so it is true that an ordinary food tour in Stockholm is worth on average 80USD or more (for example, see here). If you are content with dining in Stockholm at high prices, then our offer is hardly for you. We offer an affordable way to get the real taste of local Stockholm. Free Food Tour Stockholm operates like all our regular tours – without the obligatory payment for the guide’s work. After the tour, you will be offered to decide the price of our work, is the formula “pay the amount you want to pay” also applies here. And one more significant distinction between our free food tours and expensive food tours in Stockholm is that during the course of the tour, you personally will choose which meal to buy and how much to spend on it.


The tour lasts 2 hours, during which we visit 4-5 food stores / stalls that are popular among locals, which serve the most delicious and, at the same time, inexpensive meals in Stockholm. During the tour you will have the opportunity to try classic Swedish and also continental freshly prepared snacks (vegetarian options will also be available in some grocery stores). The guide will provide all the necessary recommendations and help you make sense of available options, but at the end you make your own choice and pay for your own meal (total budget of no more than 15-20USD). At the free food tour you will learn a lot not only about the food in Sweden, but also about the life of ordinary Swedes, history and culture of the country, as well as about the incredible historical background of certain foods in the kingdom, and so as always, our guides will genuinely strive to entertain you. We promise it will be delicious and fun!

2 Hours


Free Food Tour Stockholm starts according to our schedule. We meet outside the subway station at Gamla Stan here


Meeting Point :

Outside the metro station (subway station) at Gamla Stan


See the Google Map-Our Meeting Point


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We recommend appropriate clothes & footwear according to the weather.

Our Free Tour work on a tip-only basis.