Hi everyone!
My name is Cim and I want to say “welcome to my city”! Since childhood Stockholm has been very important to me and I couldn’t have been more excited when I was able to move here. Fast forward a few years and I’m as good a Stockholmer as anyone else. You’ll probably find me zooming through the city on my bike (the best way to experience Stockholm) or in the grass in one of the many parks.


Hi! My name is Laima and I’m a theatre enthusiast, soon-to-be architecture student and 6th generation Stockholmer. I am so happy you want to explore my wonderful home town! After 20 years here I’m still not done exploring. There’s always another side street leading to a new square, there’s always another hidden park or swimming place. And everywhere, there are stories bursting to be told if only someone stops and listens.


Hi, I’m Albena and I am Cuban-Bulgarian. When I first visited Stockholm the concept of free tours did not exist. I didn’t know I would end up living here a few years later either. After moving to Stockholm for my studies, it soon started feeling like home. I love this city and I’d like to share some of my passion about it to you who visit. So join me 🙂

Hola! Me llamo Albena y soy cubano-búlgara. Cuando vine a Estocolmo de visita por primera vez, el concepto de los free tour no se conocía. Entonces tampoco sabía que me vendría a vivir aquí unos años más tarde. Vine por mis estudios y en pocos meses empecé sentirme en casa. Me encanta Estocolmo y me gusta transmitirles algo de su encanto. Así que venganse a dar un paseo conmigo 🙂


Hello! My name is Magdalena, and I am currently doing my Master thesis in biology at Stockholm University. I have been living in Stockholm for the last year and a half, so I´ve had the chance to discover a lot of the city by now. I especially like that fact that since all of Stockholm is on islands, the water is only a short walk away almost anywhere in the city!


¡Hola! Me llamo Irene, soy de Sevilla y vine a Estocolmo hace dos años por amor (acompañé a mi chico en su aventura por estas tierras). Me encanta viajar y conocer la gastronomía de cada país. Es estos dos años he conocido el encanto que tiene esta ciudad y me encanta trasmitirlo a los que vienen a conocerla. ¡Os espero!


Hi! My name is Ina and I come from Albania. As a travel enthusiast I was once also a tourist in Stockholm and remember falling in love with the city and its history. Today as part of Free Walking Tours Stockholm, I want to pass my knowledge to you while making it fun and interesting. I speak Albanian, English, German, Italian and learning Swedish.


Hola! Mi nombre es Analia, soy argentina y hace mas de dos anos que vivo en Estocolmo. Amo viajar, conocer gente nueva, aprender de sus costumbres y descubrir nuevos sabores. Por eso los invito a recorrer Estocolmo y conocer un poquito mas acerca de la ciudad y su historia. Bienvenidos!


Hello! I am Célia and I am a student here in Stockholm. I have got a (quite big) passion for history and culture in general. As for Stockholm, I just totally fell in love with it when I came for the first time. Being a guide then allowed me to link the two so here I am !