Best Places To Visit In Stockholm’s Gamla Stan

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If you’re visiting Stockholm for the first time, you should certainly go to Gamla Stan (Old Town). It is in a sense the place where the city of Stockholm grew. Today, Gamla Stan connects the southern district of Södermalm with the northern district of Norrmalm. It’s situated on an island named “Stadsholmen”.

Gamla Stan is like a living pedestrian friendly museum full of attractions, sights, restaurants, bars, cafés and places to shop. Gamla Stan is also quite popular with aficionados of souvenirs, handicrafts and curios. What makes Gamla Stan interesting is that it is a well preserved medieval city which hails from the thirteenth century. It’s one of the most authentic mediaeval cities in Europe, a visit to Gamla Stan feels like traveling back in time as you walk along the look buildings and cobblestone paths and frescoes that date back to the Middle-Ages.

The Old Town is home to the Nobel Museum, Riddarholmen (House of Nobility) and Kungliga Slottet (the Royal Palace). You will also find the oldest restaurant in the world in Old Town, Den Gyldene-Freden which has been serving customers since 1722. Stockholm day trips are one of the best ways you can tour Gamla Stan.


Best Places To Visit In Stockholm’s Gamla StanNobel Museum

  1. Nobel Museum

This stylish and ultra-modern museum is family friendly and will certainly enrich the spirit and the mind as well as catch the eye. It’s dedicated Alfred Nobel and the numerous Nobel laureates. Here you’ll find exhibits which explore the women and men and their lives, their possessions as well as their influences. You’ll also find a showcase of prompts for discussion, exhibits and ideas aimed at inspiring new ideas in everything from the sciences to culture. Nobel laureates have changed the world forever. The museum tries to capture that energy and relay it to the visitors; so that they can go forth and make their own mark. Short, guided tours and activities for children are available.The Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet)


  1. The Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet)

You will not miss this outstanding palace as soon as you walk into Gamla Stan from Drottninggatan. It’s one of the biggest palaces in Europe and it’s the King’s official residence. It’s also the daily place of work for The Queen and King and the various departments of the Royal Court. This combination of workplace, royal residence and culture historical monument open all year round to visitors, this makes it unique amongst the royal residences of Europe.

The Royal Palace contains many interesting and historic things to see. Apart from the magnificent Royal Apartments you will also be able to see 3 museums that are steeped in royal history: Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, the Treasury with the regalia and the Tre Kronor Museum.Riddarholm Church (Riddarholmskyrka)


  1. Riddarholm Church (Riddarholmskyrka)

The Riddarholm Church was built in the thirteenth century and it’s also known as the Grey Friars monastery.

With the one exception of Queen Christina, all the succeeding rulers of Sweden from Gustav II Adolf (d 1632) to Oscar Gustaf Adolf (d. 1950) were buried in the Grey Friars monastery. Some of the kings from the middle-ages are also buried in this church such as Karl Knutson Bonde and Magnus Ladulås. Stockholm Cathedral


  1. Stockholm Cathedral

The church of St. Nicholas stands proud in Gamla Stan and is also known as Storkyrkan (the Great Church). You will find it next to Kungliga Slottet and inside there is a wooden statue of the Dragon and St. George and the oldest image of Stockholm.Stortorget


  1. Stortorget

This square is surrounded by the houses of former merchants and they are painted in different colors. It is also home to the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The square is used for performances, demonstrations and gatherings and in the winter its home to a Christmas Market. You should also look out for the ancient well.Free walking historical tour


  1. Free walking historical tour

Get to know Stockholm’s darker side. This popular free tour takes you around Gamla Stan and gives you a clear idea of how people lived in the Old Town from its inception to when the plague or Black Death reached Stockholm’s shores.