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Stockholm Tourism

Find a place to put up at Stockholm

Sweden in general and Stockholm in particular are obviously not the most affordable places in the world – ask the tourists. In short we’d like to say that people looking for where to stay in Stockholm or Stockholm accomodation may choose among the following variants – relatively cheap (ships, hostels, some hotels), moderately expensive (hotels) and finally expensive (luxurious hotels).
Saving solution
Hotels belonging to worldwide known players are too costly as places to stay in Stockholm for thrifty tourists and foreign students. Such people are usually not interested in luxury – they feel totally OK about any cheaper Stockholm b&b. Basically students and simply travelers who don’t want to pay much look for hostels. Fortunately, tough competition about hotels of all classes makes them provide some discounts and exclusive offers – use it in case if you don’t like hostels but don’t want to pay too much.
Many authentic Swedish neat hotels may be easily found in whole center the capital. The probability to run against a seasonal discount and get a nice hotel room for cheap is very high. If hostels mostly look the same in whole Europe and even the world the hotels are mainly different and thus much more beautiful.
What about staying on a ship?
Looking at the map we can see that actually cheap accomodation in Stockholm is located near big water. Thus there is nothing surprising in the title “Northern Venetia” granted by tourists. Getting a room in a ship gives you a great opportunity to stay in the very center. Eventually, the best advantage is that those ships appear to be much cheaper than ordinary hotels. That is really nice accomodation in Stockholm!.
Experienced tourists claim that staying in a ship is actually much better and cheaper than in any “land hotel”. You will find out that tourists adore ship hotels due to the advantages described above. It means that you will not be living in a cool place but also have all main attraction sites right near.
Turn into a local citizen
Another great option is to rent an apartment or even a house. It is relatively expensive choice, but you should keep in mind that the average salary and pension in Sweden is among the highest in the world. It means that locals feel well with such prices, but foreign visitors are usually disappointed.
A sensible solution would be to choose a small house situated far from the center of the city. You will then save money and see better how Stockholm inhabitants live. It will become a nice experience for you. Furthermore it is the best opportunity to compare Stockholm center with other areas.
Renting a house or an apartment can appear to be the most attractive option for the travelers who have already been to Stockholm and checked its points of interest. Non-touristic areas are also very interesting. If you want to get the full picture – live among locals but not among tourists.
Luxury and comfort
Certain tourists, however, prefer staying in absolutely comfort. If you really need to have a very comfortable bed, a clean and modern bathroom and eat delicious meals in the hotel restaurant – select a hotel. World hotel companies can be easily found in Stockholm. It’s a sensible idea to check out local hotel chains too. Small Stockholm hotels could also be luxurious and comfortable enough to satisfy all your expectations.
As for staying in the very city center we could recommend Grand Hotel – its location is the best. Historical places, museums, restaurants – everything is situated within a short walking distance from Grand Hotel. Unfortunately, the booking prices can be embarrassing for those, who counted on the room prices like in other Western countries.
Find your couch
Undoubtedly, only traditional accommodations like hotels and some hostels offer bed and breakfast in Stockholm. If you don’t really need what is enlisted above – go and try Couchsurfing. There you will meet thousands of people from different countries and cities including Stockholm who invite tourists to stay. There is no difficulty at all – register an account on Couchsurfing and find a host in Stockholm. It’s going to become a really cheap way to discover Stockholm and to make new foreign friends.