For A Visitor About The Stockholm Card

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Why would I need the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is an exciting but at the same time rather expensive capital. It’s always a big challenge to see all its attractions and capture the ambience of the city without losing a lot of money.

What the Stockholm Card Offers.

The main aim of this card is to help short term visitors learn much more exciting places and things in Stockholm. But what exactly does the City Card do? Well, it:

  • Releases you from entrance fees in nearly 80 Stockholm museums full of incredible things. All places of interest and attraction sites are available for you without any senseless limitations! Being a Card holder enables you to avoid spending extra money in case if you would like to visit at least several big museums.
  • Grants you with the unlimited use of municipal transport. With it, you can go anywhere by trams and city trains, buses and even boats.
  • Provides you with discounted tickets for different points of interest and services like the Stockholm Panorama sightseeing bus, the Double Decker Tour bus tour, Boat trips to Drottningholm palace and to Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

How Long Will The Card Last?

To save your expenses there are several price packages for different number of days. Choose among one, two, three or five days visit and pay only for the time you need without excess costs.

Where Do I Get the Card from and what is its Price?

The price policy is very fair and transparent – a customer pays for the number of days spent in Stockholm. There are discount cards for one, two, three or five days – choose any that suits better.

The card price remains fairly consistent during the year. At the same time, there are some discounts on circumstantial basis. Ikea, for instance, grants discount codes to buyers who get the Ikea Family membership card.

Who could benefit from the Stockholm Card?

Firstly, the Stockholm Card is mainly recommended for those tourists who visited Stockholm for sightseeing. They will then avoid paying those annoying entrance fees and save decent money. Buying the Card pays itself if your visit lasts for several days but is full of events.

Stockholm has a great number of amusing attractions that have no comparable alternatives in the world. If you are an experienced traveler then you know it perfectly.

Without any doubts, the Stockholm

Discount Card seems interesting option for those visitors only who wants to devote a lot of time to sightseeing – rubberneck tourists will certainly appreciate all those advantages this card grants. The rest of us will probably find it useless – if you think that it’s better to feel the nightlife or to simply stroll about at a leisurely pace you don’t have to buy the Card

Luckily there are dozens of points in Stockholm where you can purchase the card if you change your mind.