I Was in Sweden-The Stockholm Card

What are the reasons for purchasing the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is a charming place with a lot of adventure and it is the right place you can feel nature at its best. The beauty of Stockholm lies at nearly any corner of the street, in parks and museums. Several cities in Sweden provide special discount cards specifically designed for short term visitors. The Stockholm Card is your fast track to fun and awesome experiences while in Stockholm.

What the Stockholm Card Offers.

The main aim of the discount card is to allow short term visitors to find a lot of interesting places and things in Stockholm. So what actually does the City Card do? Well, it:

  • Grants you free access to over 80 cultural objects where you have a great chance to broaden your outlook. With this card, you can easily admission to all kinds of attraction sites with no limitations. Thus you will not need to pay fees in the museums for the whole time the card is active; it will let you save a lot of money especially in case if you are going to visit several museums and other tourist sites.
  • Relieves you from necessity to pay for municipal transport – choose any bus or any tram and travel around the city in any direction. Moreover, you can travel by boats for free too! It’s that fantastic?
  • Gives you access to discounted tickets for interesting places and services such as the Stockholm Panorama sightseeing bus, the Double Decker Tour bus tour, Boat trips to Drottningholm palace and to Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

How Long Does The Card Last?

The Stockholm card lasts for a period from one to five days, the choice is yours to make. Whether your vacation is two or three days, you can select the most suitable plan for you. There are several plans available 1, 2, 3 and 5 days plan.

How much does the Discount Card cost and where can I buy it?

The price depends on the package you select – 525 SEK (Swedish Krona) for one-day plan, 675 SEK is the cost of the two-day plan, 825 and 1095 SEK are needed for three and five-days plans. Everybody can easily buy the Card in any information kiosk in Stockholm.

It is actually possible that sometimes you can find some discount offers – for example, when signing up for the Membership card from Ikea. However, we do not advise hoping for it since actually the card price cannot vary throughout the whole year.

Who could appreciate the Stockholm Card?

Firstly, the Stockholm Card is basically created for the people who arrived in Stockholm for sightseeing. They will not have to pay those irritating entrance fees and save their money. Purchasing the Card pays itself if your visit is short but eventful.

Stockholm has a great number of amusing places that have no comparable alternatives in the world. Experienced travelers are aware of it.

Anyway, if you are not actually ready for doing a lot of sightseeing, then it is not a suitable decision to get one. For Instance, if you would like to discover Stockholm without any hurrying and visit few places a day, purchasing a Stockholm Card does not seem worthy. That’s the reason it is considered to be a short term visitor’s card.

Luckily there are many spots in Stockholm where you can obtain the card in case if you change your mind.