My Experience – The Stockholm Card

The Stockholm Card-Do I Need One?

Swedish capital is an amazing and event-packed place any tourist would feel fine in. Everything here has incredible beauty that cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Some of cities in Sweden provide special discount cards made mainly for the short-term visitors. The Stockholm Card will make your life in this fantastic city much easier and help you forget about inconvenient moments and time wasting.

What the Stockholm Card Offers.

All short term visitors will highly appreciate the city card which is incredibly useful in theaters, museums etc., because it

  • Lets you get to the Stockholm cultural life. If you are used to paying entrance fees all the time and wasting time in boring queues you will turn into a happy city card owner – no queues and no fees anymore!
  • Lets you travel for free by all Stockholm trams, trains, buses and even by boats! Don’t worry about the tickets – the card replaces them!
  • Guarantees discounted tickets for different points of interest and services such as the Stockholm Panorama bus, the Open Top Double Decker bus tour, Boat routes to Drottningholm palace and to Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

Until When Can I Get The Card?

The Stockholm card remains valid for a period from one to five days, it’s you who chooses the number of days. Whether your vacation is two or three days, you can select the best plan for you. The available plans are one, two, three and five days plan.

How much does the Stockholm Card cost and where can one buy it?

To obtain the discount card, you need to simply visit one of Stockholm information desks and purchase it there. The card price is different depending on the length of time it serves you. A one day plan goes for 525 Swedish Krona (SEK), 675 SEK for a two days plan, 825 SEK for a three day plan and 1095 SEK is the price for a five day plan.

The price of the card stays fairly consistent during the year. At the same time, there are discounts available on circumstantial basis. Ikea, for instance, gives out discount codes to buyers who obtain the Ikea Family membership card.

When To Buy One

This City discount card is a surprising gift from the authorities to all tourists who have quite little time to spend in Stockholm. Now everybody can do really a lot of things even within literally a couple of days.

Stockholm has a great number of amusing attraction sites that have no comparable alternatives in the world. Experienced travelers are aware of it.

Therefore, if sightseeing and so called “rubberneck tour” are not included into your to-do list there is actually no sense in obtaining the Stockholm Card. The same thing concerns the tourists who prefer discovering and enjoying Swedish capital by walking the streets and get acquainted with interesting people.

The good news is that there are dozens of spots in Stockholm where you can purchase the city card if you change your mind.