Free Tour Old Town at 15.00 in English

Free Tour Old Town at 15.00 in English

Starts in 4 Days, 19 Hours

December 13, 2019 15:00 - 16:30

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Mälartorget 8, 111 27 Stockholm, Sweden

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Gamla Stan( Old Town )is a medieval shrine witnessing historic events. Gamla Stan has been largely preserved through the ages. Why is the narrowest alley only 90 cm ? What is the meaning of mysterious metallic house signs ? Why doesn’t the King of Sweden wear a crown ?


approx. 1 Hour and 30 minutes


Look for the guide with our sign “Free Walking Tour Stockholm”NORDIC FREEDOM TOURS®


  • The German Church Founded in 1571 the church is located in a neighbourhood that was dominated by Germans in the Middle Ages.
  • Alley of Mårten Trotzig The narrowest street in Stockholm at 90cm across (35 inches).
  • The Iron Square The second oldest square in Stockholm dating back to the 1300’s.
  • Merchant’s Square It was a thoroughfare between two main squares and contains a copy of the sculpture “Sankt Göran och draken”.
  • Iron Boy Known in English as the “little boy who looks at the moon”.
  • Fifteen centimetres high it is the smallest public statue in Stockholm.
  • The Royal Palace Official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch.
  • The Great Church It is the oldest church in Gamla Stan and was founded in the 13th century.
  • The Big Square The oldest square in Stockholm and forms the heart of Gamla Stan.
  • The Nobel Museum Is a museum devoted to circulating information on the Nobel Prize and the founder of the prize Alfred Nobel.
  • The Priest’s Street Home to the “Rune Stone” believed to date back to the 1000’s being about 200 years older than the city.
  • The House of Nobility Originally used by the aristocracy for meetings of parliament.
  • Riddarholm Church This is the burial church of the Swedish monarchs and is one of the oldest churches in Stockholm.
  • Birger Jarls Square The square was renamed after the traditionally attributed founder of Stockholm

Please note: The above route is subject to changes without prior notice


Our Free Tour Stockholm Old Town start on time according to the schedule rain or shine and last a leisurely 1 hour and 30 minutes.

We meet outside the subway station at Gamla stan. We finish our tour in the Old Town.

*Please note that organized groups consisting of more than 10 people must book a private tour . Any organized group of tourists /schools, students, any commercial and non-profit companies and organizations/will NOT be allowed on our free of charge walking tours. You are welcome book a private tour in advance at an affordable price.


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