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Ten Fascinating Things About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is the city of glory and invention. Very few people know that Stockholm is the capital where a great number of innovations and trends were implemented. Outstanding culture and exciting history together with stylish restaurants and cafes make Stockholm a great place to visit. There are lots of things making people delight the capital of Sweden – beautiful nature, exciting cityscape and pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, there is a fantastic chance for discovering Stockholm on a comfortable and fast transport which is absolutely safe for the environment – Segway.

You might have travelled dozens of cities and countries and might have a great understanding of the nature beauties and man-made miracles, but Stockholm Segway guarantees you the unique experience. Travelling by bus, train or any other source of public transport cannot bring you such a pleasure as going by Segway in Stockholm.

Stockholm has unmatched ambience of charm and adventure. Stockholm has absolutely any kind of amusement facilities for the most picky tourist. Royal Palace is the residential building for the royal family and a great starting point. It will encourage you for further exploring Stockholm. Skeppsholmen island with all its exciting museums, architecture and jazz music will be a good choice for the next point of interest to see here in Stockholm.

This fantastic tour includes all significant buildings of Stockholm, from Parliament House to Royal Opera. Segway is undoubtedly the most sensible solution for such a trip. Using a Segway is almost like going on foot with one difference – you have higher speed. We bet you are now interested in a Segway tour, aren’t you? Check ten cool facts regarding Segway and reserve a tour. And our facts will help you realize why this trip is so exciting and how can you enjoy it as well.

10 amusing facts about Segway in Stockholm

  1. A Segway PT design includes power batteries, a pair of wheels and technology of self balancing.
  2. The popularity and fame of the inventor of Segway belong to an American Dean Kamen.
  3. The funky vehicle maker is Segway Inc. From The USA, New Hampshire.
  4. The word “Segue” acted as a source for the outstanding name Segway. “Segue” is a word meaning “smooth transporting”. PT is simply a short form of Personal Transportation.
  5. The engine and the computers that are used in the basic part of the vehicle keeps the Segway upright when the power is on. It lets keep the balance of the vehicle.
  6. If you are afraid of Segway controls – relax, everything is really simple. Shift forward or to the back and drive forward or backwards.
  7. Segway speeds up when you shift the weight forward and lowers it when you do the opposite.
  8. Fluid-based leveling sensors and the gyroscopic sensors detect the weight shift.
  9. And for making it run, the user should press the handlebar to the left or to the right.
  10. The Segway PT is able to maintain the maximum of 12.5 miles per hours and it is driven by the electric motors making the trip comfortable, safe and easy.

If you are planning to come to Stockholm, try to get pleasure from this unique Segway trip. All in all, it is not available in every corner. One more significant factor is that it is absolutely eco-friendly and using it is very easy so that a total newbie can use it without any problems. But remember to wear a helmet and to follow all the instructions to avoid any risk.

There are only very few limitations on Segway usage. A driver should be above twelve years of age to get the permission for such a ride and his or her weight must be less than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.