Segway Stockholm-Facts About Segway Stockholm

Ten Amusing Facts About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm could be called one of the most resourceful world cities. Only interested people know that Stockholm is the capital where a lot of inventions and trends appeared. Outstanding culture and fascinating history together with trendy restaurants and cafes make Stockholm a great place to come to. Speaking about the things people love we should mention nice ambience, exciting nature and fine urbanscape. If you are thinking about eco-friendly mean of transport for exploring Stockholm you can select Segway.

Even the tourists with rich experience and thousands of discovered cities and towns will be steamed up with that Segway tour around Swedish capital. No other kind of transport is able to substitute the emotions Segway can give.

Stockholm has unmatched spirit of adventure and beauty. As a large and modern city the capital of Sweden has numerous points of interest and amusement opportunities. Royal Palace is the residential building for the royal family and a good starting point. It will inspire you for exploring Stockholm. From the royal palace, you can go towards the Skeppsholmen island, one of the smallest islands before it was a military post of Sweden, but now it is located in the heart of Stockholm.

This fantastic trip includes all famous Stockholm buildings, from Parliament House to Royal Opera. Segway is definitely the most sensible kind of transport for such a tour. To put it shortly, Segway is a great alternative to strolling – you have the same access degree to all attractions but with much higher speed. We have made up ten cool facts about Segway. They will certainly convince you to select the right thing. And these facts will help you understand why this tour is so exciting and how can you enjoy it as well.

Ten interesting facts about Stockholm Segway

  1. A Segway PT design includes power batteries, two wheels and self-balance technology.
  2. Dean Kamen is Segway inventor.
  3. This ingenious 2-wheeled personal vehicle is produced by the Segway Inc. Located in New Hampshire.
  4. The remarkable word Segway was obtained from the word Segue meaning “able to transport smoothly”. PT is explained as Personal Transportation.
  5. The “dark” secret of Segway’s perfect balance lies in motors and computers that are located in the bottom part of the machine. These smart electronics and motors guarantee that the vehicle does not fall over when you switch it on.
  6. A user’s command is necessary for making Segway go to the front and it can be achieved by the shifting the weight to the front. As for the reverse you need to do exactly the same thing. But here you have to shift the weight backward on the platform.
  7. Segway increases the speed when you lean forward and lowers it when you do the opposite.
  8. Segway quickly detects weight shifting with its fluid sensors – gyroscopic and level.
  9. To make the first move press the handlebar – to the left or right.
  10. The highest possible speed Segway can reach is 12.5 miles per hour which is incredibly convenient for urban driving.

If you are going to visit Stockholm, try to get pleasure from this unique trip. All in all, it is not that popular in other parts of the world. You have no need teacher to drive Segway, everything is very easy to understand and you will soon get how it works. But don’t forget to put on a helmet and to follow all safety instructions to avoid unwanted risk.

There are only very few limitations on Segway usage. Here are the requirements: a driver should be more than 12 years old and weigh not more than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.