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10 Surprising Facts About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is among of the most innovative world capitals. A great number of globally spread hi-tech technologies and fashion trends born here. Tourists from different countries come to Stockholm to see its history, cultural background and, of course, trendy cafes, bars and restaurants. The friendly environment and natural look of this place encourage people to come and to enjoy all the great things that make Stockholm admirable. Finally, there is an outstanding opportunity for exploring Stockholm on a convenient and fast vehicle which is absolutely harmless for the environment – Segway.

You might have travelled most part of the world and may have enjoyed a great deal of the beauties of nature and man-made miracles, but Stockholm Segway guarantees you the unique experience. No other transport can compare to the emotions Segway gives.

One will definitely appreciate the adventurous ambience of Stockholm. Stockholm can offer all kinds of entertainment for absolutely every guest. A great place to begin your walk around Stockholm is the famous Royal palace. From the royal residence, you can move to the Skeppsholmen island, a small piece of land before it was a military base of Sweden, but now it is situated in the heart of Stockholm.

Almost all most significant buildings of the Swedish capital such as City Hall, Royal Opera and Parliament House will be available in this tour. Such a trip will be much better with a fast and easy-to-use transport solution like Segway. Going by a Segway is very close to strolling with one certain difference – you are much faster. We have 10 interesting facts about Segway. Such a list will certainly convince you to make the right choice. And don’t underrate these facts prepared especially for you, they are really informative.

Ten surprising facts about Segway in Stockholm

  1. The Segway PT is a 2-wheeled, battery-powered and self-balanced electric vehicle.
  2. Dean Kamen is the Stockholm Segway inventor.
  3. This creative wheeled personal vehicle is manufactured by a company basing in New Hampshire – Segway Inc.
  4. The word “Segue” served as a root for that very unusual name Segway. “Segue” is a word meaning “smooth transporting”. PT is nothing more but a short form of Personal Transportation.
  5. The “dark” secret of Segway’s incredible balance is tightly connected with computers and motor put in the bottom main part of the machine. These smart electronics and motors make sure that the vehicle will not fall when you turn it on.
  6. If you feel fear about Segway controls – please relax, everything is very simple. Lean to the front or to the back and thus move forward or backwards.
  7. Segway speeds up when you lean forward and decreases the speed when you lean backward.
  8. The leans are recorded by high-tech gyroscoping and level sensors.
  9. Push the handlebar to the right or left to start Segway.
  10. The Segway PT can have the maximum of 12.5 miles in an hour and it is based on the electric motors making any street tour comfortable and easy.

If you have plans to come to Stockholm, use a great opportunity to get pleasure from this unique Segway trip. All in all, it is not that popular in other parts of the world. Another important thing is that Segway is eco-friendly and controlling it is very easy so that a total newbie can use it without much difficulty. A helmet and safety instructions are very important in all cases.

There are only few limitations regarding Segway usage. A user should be above 12 years to obtain permission for a Segway ride and his or her weight should not exceed 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.