TOP Favored Stockholm Museums


Whether you’re Swedish or possibly a foreigner fascinated with the cultural good Sweden, it’s crucial to visit different museums that might grant you free excursion into what Sweden was previously centuries ago. That you can involve some ideas how to start, here are the five most widely used Stockholm museums.
1. Skansen

Considered as the initial open-air Stockholm museum built in 1891 by folklorist Artur Hazelius, Skansen is probably the most favored museums in Sweden worth visiting. Inspired by King Oscar II who established a museum of the similar type, Hazelius founded Skansen to tell the public how the natives of Sweden lived throughout the country prior to the industrial era. Before the making of the museum, the folklorist had built the Nordic Museum that currently owns all the items exhibited at Skansen.

Hazelius purchased approximately 150 traditional Sweden houses coupled with them brought to Skansen. Some of the people properties open for public viewing are Skogaholm Manor and Älvros farmhouses. Apart from buildings, the museum also exhibits a single of the 19th-century Sweden town that depicts craftsmen in their traditional clothes including silversmiths and shoemakers.

In case you have some kids with you, Skansen offers an open-air zoo featuring many Scandinavian animals for example wolverine, red fox and bison. Aside from exhibitions of artifacts and historical documents, Skansen prepares folk dancing presentations and concerts in the summer. The establishment requires totally free for visitors up to age of 18, which makes it one of the best destinations for tourists who carry children with them. For it’s a real popular Stockholm museum, it welcomes 1.3 million visitors every year.
2. Vasa Museum

Established by Swedish National Maritime Museums (SNNM) in 1990, the Vasa Museum highlights the 17th-century 64-gun warship Vasa that sloped and sank on its first expedition in 1628. Maintained in its 95 percent original structure, Vasa is decorated with almost 700 wooden sculptures, so that it is appear like it was never under water for 333 years.

Through ten different displays, the museum reveals everything about Vasa particulary its historical background and also the life in the sailors on board. The Vasa museum also plays a show on the 69-meter-long warship spoken in 13 languages. Aside from Vasa, expect to see other ships such as Bernhard Ingelsson, Sankt Erik, Finngrundet and Spica. Having these attractions round the establishment, this popular museum receives about a million visitors annually.
3. Swedish History Museum

Featuring approximately millions of artifacts for the culture of Sweden from the Mesolithic period, the Swedish History Museum is deemed as the hugest Stockholm museums. Internal 1817 and redesigned years after a period until 1940, the museum houses numerous gold and silver coins items for public display. The museum also features objects linked to Vikings and exclusive discoveries from your Battle of Gotland in 1361.

Besides exhibitions, the museum also conducts family activities, lectures and college trips. You could buy souvenirs for kids and adults for there is a shop where you can purchase some. Yearly this famous museum entertains thousands of visitors around the world.
4. Nordic Museum

Established by Artur Hazelius in 1873, the Nordic Museum showcases the Swedish rich culture beginning the Early Modern day to contemporary period. Its previous name was Scandinavian Ethnographic Collection, after which changed into the Nordic Museum in 1880. All items displayed within it were either purchased by Hazelius or donated by citizens around Sweden and also other Nordic nations.

Hazelius focused gathering items in connection with peasant culture until his successors turned to collecting objects representing urban customs for the modern era. Why is this museum worth visiting is its assortment of structures like Julita farm and Tyreso Palace. Having collected over 1.5 million items from furniture to toys, the museum entertains approximately 300,000 visitors each year.
5. Museum of Modern Art

Developed by Rafael Moneo in 1958, the Museum of latest Art focuses on Swedish and contemporary art for example masterpieces by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. The museum’s displayed items cover anything from paintings to photographs by Robert Rauschenberg, Louise Bourgeois and Henri Matisse.

Viewing the permanent exhibitions doesn’t require any fees, but many of the short-term ones happen to be collecting fees since 2007. Besides displaying first-class exhibitions, the Museum of latest Art now offers children’s workshops. You might even have a gander at the elegant Djurgården Island and Strandvägen Boulevard looking at the restaurant. That being said, it’s really the most famous Stockholm museums you need to pay a visit.