Top Tourist Attractions in the Sweeden Capital- Stockholm

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If you want to view Scandinavian at its`best, go straight to Stockholm in Sweden, because Stockholm is not only an amazing city, but is also termed one of`the most clean and beautiful capitals in the globe. Often referred as the “Venice of the North”, this fascinating Sweeden Capital lies between several peninsulas and islands at the outpouring of Lake Malar into the Baltic where it forms a deep inlet. The charisma of its setting lies in the intermingling land and water; the crags rearing up from the sea, the skerries fringing the coast and the elaborate pattern of waterways surrounding the city. The Sweeden Capital boasts of distinct world heritage sites such as Drottningholm, Birka and the Woodland cemetery. In addition the city is the home of world class museums, galleries, theaters and the Nobel Institute.Sweeden Capital- Stockholm

So, what does one expects to see when he/she visits the Sweeden Capital, you maybe wondering. Well, the following are the top attractions:-

-Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, also known as the Old Town, comes first in the list. The Gamla Stan hoststhe Old World fascination. It consists of brilliantly painted structure and streets which costituted the whole city of Stockholm in the middle of the 13th century. This particular part of the Sweeden city is all about the atmosphere and the best means to absorb it up is by walking around. Several must-see sites are located here including`the Royal Palace. All the picturesque and colorful buildings are located here.

-Royal Palace

Also referred to as, Kungliga Slottet, and is the most attractive of the two royal palaces. It is located in the Northeastern side of the Gamla Stan. The square palace was built in 1754 and boasts of not less than 608 rooms! Surprisingly, this was not the residence of the Swedish royalties. This palace was exclusively set for king’s and queens offices and was used mainly for royal meetings. If you’re a lover of lavish interiors, you should include it in your itinerary.

-Vasa Museum

This building is built around the 17th century warship, the Vasa, which sank in the Southern part of Djurgarden during its very first voyage in 1628. The ship came to surface after 333 years in 1961, astonishingly well preserved. In the museum you’ll find two other ships; the Icebreaker Sankt Erik and Finngrundet, both dating back to 1915 and 1903 respectively.

-Cathedral (Storkyrkan)

The cathedral or storkyrkan which means great church is situated next to`Kungliga Slottet in the`Old Town of the Sweeden Capital. This is the place where the monarchs were crowned. Inside this 14th century structure, you can have a view of the Gothic`sculpture of Saint George slaying the mythological dragon.

-Sergels Torg (Sergels Square

Sergels Torg is located at the heart of the modern Sweden capital on the Sodermalm Island. Currently, Sergels Torg is the up to date city center. It’s a rectangular, black and white mall dominated with the glass`cultural center, the Kulturhuset, where immense work of art attracts the public’s attention from behind the a see-through portico. At the centre of the plaza is the outstanding fountain, 37 meter-high glass obelisk, completed in 1974.


If you’re visiting the Sweden Capital in the winter, this is an attraction site that should feature in your itinerary. Ice skating is a popular activity in Scandinavia in the winter months. What is even more amazing is that ice skating for free at Kungstradgarden Park in the Sweden capital.

Other than these amazing tourist attraction sites, you’ll enjoy first-rate cultural opportunities, fashionable restaurants and wonderful shopping.