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Stockholm Time
Stockholm Time

The Right Places to Visit in Stockholm in a Budget-Friendly Way

Stockholm is one of the beautiful places on earth to visit. However, it is one of the most expensive places to travel as well. But that doesn’t mean that you should bunk the idea of travelling in Stockholm if you do not have the sufficient money to spend.

There are ways by which you can make arrangements for travelling in the city without drilling a hole in your pocket. In this article we are going to give you some ideas to help you out in this respect. It is all about the concept of free walking tour Stockholm where you will get to explore the city in a very economic way.

  • The Free Parks:  Stockholm has some of the loveliest parks of the world and most of these parks do not require any entry fee. Visiting a local park always helps in enjoying the authentic flavor of the place and helps you to relax in between your sight-seeing plans. Some of these parks are:
Djurgarden Park

The Nordic Museum located on Djurgården

  • Djurgarden Park: Located in the heart of Stockholm, it is basically an animal park. It is a confluence between a park and a forest. There are the canal and harbor too where you can take a boat ride. It is Sweden’s royal game park which used to be the hunting area of the royals in the 18th and 19th century. The place offers a splendid scenic beauty, especially when the warm rays of the sun fall on the waters of the canal or the gentle breeze plays along the green leaves of the trees.
Langholmen Park

Långholmen, one of Stockholm’s largest and most central green areas.

  • Langholmen Park: It is a great leisure-time oasis for the visitors who want to take a tour around Stockholm in a cost-effective manner. One of the most beautiful places of Sweden, Langholmen was initially built for the prisoners. Now the major part of it is a park and is preserved for the visitors who want to have a great time in nature’s lap.Other great parks in Stockholm that demand no entry fee are the Gärdet Park and Ralambshovsparken Park. If you happen to visit Stockholm in winter, you will be lucky enough to enjoy free ice-skating too!
  • Gamla Stan: The old town Gamla Stan is another nice place to visit in Stockholm at an affordable price. There is a lot to watch over here- the museums, restaurants, cafes and shops lining the stone-cobbled streets. The place is dotted with buildings of different colors that bear the essence of old Stockholm. There is a virtual island full of restaurants where you can treat yourself to some delicious cuisines.

    Gamla Stan

    Head to Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla Stan

  • Stockholm Cathedral: A range of religious events are held over here throughout the year. It has been the wedding place of the royals through the years and is also the seat for various religious activities and concerts. It also includes some magnificent structures such as the    Dragon Sculpture, the legendary Vädersoltavlan and Lena Lervik’s sculpture adorn the place.

    Stockholm Cathedral

    Stockholm’s Cathedral, known as the Storkyrkan

  • The Medieval Museum: If you are interested in knowing about the medieval Stockholmers, the right place to head to will be the Stockholm Medieval Museum. The entrance is based around Norrbro, the oldest bridge of Stockholm. You do not require any admission fee and can therefore include it among your list of the budget-friendly travel options in and around Stockholm.
  • Birka: Situated on Lake Malaren, Birka is one of the most popular trading centers for Viking. There is a lot to exploreespecially the archaeological buildings and the reconstructed viking villages. The best way to visit it without spending much would be not to join a guided tour but to be your own guide! You can gather info online and use online tour guides and maps to explore the different parts of Birka. Most people book cruises in Birka to enjoy things in a better way. However, we would suggest you to explore the villages instead if you are interested in saving money.

Free Walking tour Stockholm can be made more budget-friendly in a number of ways. If you want to have a great time at the city and that too without spending much from your pocket, you can try out the ideas stated below:

  • The Food: Walking tour Stockholm is incomplete without great food. Most of the tourists end up spending a lot of money on food no matter whichever place they visit. So, food is the place where you should try to curb your expanses as much as possible so that it can be spent on other areas. You need to know the right places for buying food in Stockholm such as the Hermans. The place offers budget-friendly buffets at just $15. It is a vegetarian buffet, but the lip-smacking taste of food will never let you miss your favourite meat preparations.Also, there are many food stalls on the streets of Stockholm where you can find several delicious dishes such as burgers and hotdogs. They are a great option for having snacks since the “sit and eat” restaurants are costlier.At Stockholm, you can even cook your own food instead of buying ready-made food from the eateries. The groceries are approximately priced at 63 US dollars per week for each person and can be cooked by yourself for enjoying a great meal.
  • The Stay: You can put up in the hotels of Stockholm by using the hotel points. This will help you to enjoy a great stay at some of the most famous hotels like Marriott, Starwood and Hilton hotels. You can also stay in the hostels such as Interhostels that will offer you complimentary pasta apart from free accommodation.Another nice idea for an affordable accommodation in Stockholm is Couchsurfing where you can get in touch with the local inhabitants and put up at their places by spending a minimal amount. Some of the house-owners even allow you to stay for free! They will treat you their guests and you will surely have a great time staying at their houses.
  • Get Budget-Guides: Budget-guides for different places are available online and Stockholm is one of the places for which these guides come handy for you. You will find several tips with respect to eating, staying and visiting in Stockholm. These guides will also tell you about the selected bars, restaurants and hang-out places apart from sight-seeing in Stockholm.
  • Transport: You will get a lot of transport options within your budget. For example, there are some expensive metro tickets available at $45 that are usable for a whole week. Instead, cheaper tickets worth $36 can also be bought that have a validity of three days. If you believe in walking tour Stockholm and use the train only in certain cases, it would be a good saving option for you.
  • Shopping: This is one of the areas where you need to cut down on your expenses as much as possible. All of us love to buy gifts for our beloved ones whenever we go out on trips. Stockholm has some of the best shopping malls in the world from where you can buy gifts of your choice. But we would suggest you to go to the road-side stores instead. You will get things at a cheaper price over there. Also, you can reduce the budget of gifting for your friends and relatives. This way you would be able to save a lot of money and spend them on sight-seeing instead. There are a lot of gifts available at affordable price that can be bought instead of the expensive products. So, why waste money on buying perfumes or tea-shirts? Rather buy something that will help in preserving the memory of the place concerned.
  • Carry Your Drinks: Drinks are too costly in Stockholm. So, you must try to take beer cans and bottles of other drinks to Stockholm so that you can enjoy drinking over there.
  • Airport Transfer: Many of you may head towards the taxi stand after reaching the Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. We would suggest you to take the Swebus instead. It is an airport transfer bus that will drop you smoothly and that too within a very short time period. An even better mode of airport transfer would be the Arlanda Express train which can be boarded from the Stockholm’s central station.
  • Drink Tap Water: Tap Water meant for drinking purposes in Stockholm is quite hygienic. It would be better to drink this water rather than drinking plastic-bottled water. It will help you to curb the expenses as well as serve as a healthy alternative.
  • Avoid Tipping: You can avoid tipping the waiters at restaurants. The waiters here may not accept lesser tipping amounts. In case they refuse your tip, you will have to offer them more. So, it would be better to not tip them at all.

So this is all about visiting Stockholm in a budget-friendly manner. Keep these things in mind before you plan a trip to Stockholm and enjoy the trip to the fullest!