Clever and Interesting Facts About The Stockholm Card

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Who could need the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is a very interesting but at the same time rather expensive capital. It’s kind of a serious challenge to find its touritic spots and feel the charm of this Northern city without leaving there much money.

What benefits does the Card have.

During a short-term visit to the capital, The Stockholm Card is the best way to fun and nature exploration. The card:

  • Opens the doors of more than 80 museums and allows you to access all kinds of touristic places. You will not have to pay different entrance fees with the Stockholm City Card and it will save much money. The Stockholm Card is an irreplaceable pass for all museum visitors and just for those tourists who would simply like to learn more about the cultural life of the Swedish capital.
  • Offers you unlimited use of municipal transport. With it, you can go anywhere by trams and city trains, buses and even boats.
  • Offers attractive discounts for a great number of sightseeing tours arranged on buses and boats and for visiting Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

For How Much Time Will The Card Be Valid?

The Stockholm card remains active for 5 days after the day of purchase or for different number of days based on for how long you stay and which price plan you have selected. Each plan lasts certain amount of days – one day, two days, three days and five days.

How much does the Card cost and where to buy it?

To get the discount card, you need to simply visit one of Stockholm information desks and buy it there. The card price is different depending on the length of time it serves you. A one day plan goes for 525 Swedish Krona (SEK), 675 SEK is the price for a two days plan, 825 SEK for a three day plan and 1095 SEK is the price for a five day plan.

The Card costs the unchanged amount of money within the whole year and discounts happen occasionally – for example, Ikea provides discounts for the buyers who sign up for the Family Membership card of Ikea.

What is the best time to get the Card?

The City card is a gift from the city authorities to all travelers who have limited time for staying in Stockholm. Now they can visit many great places even within a couple of days.

Don’t pass up a great chance to make your short stay in Stockholm full of new information and interesting discoveries. You can calculate everything yourself using all information about fees and prices online. You will see that the advantages are obvious.

Without a doubt, the Stockholm

Discount Card seems attractive option for those visitors only who wants to spend much time on sightseeing – museum and theater fans will definitely appreciate all the strong points the card gives. All the rest will probably consider it useless – if you think that it’s better to hang out in clubs and at concerts or to simply roam at a leisurely tempo you have no need to purchase the Card

Luckily there are dozens of points in Stockholm where you can buy the city card in case if you suddenly change your mind.