Museums Stockholm for free

Armémuseum Free entrance on Tuesdays 17:00-20:00
Hallwylska museet Free entrance on Wednesdays
Historiska museet From January 3, 2023 admission is SEK 150. Free entry on Wednesdays (September – April)
Medelhavsmuseet From January 3, 2023 admission is SEK 150
Moderna museet Free admission on Fridays at 18–20
Nationalmuseum Adults: 150SEK, Free for visitors under 20
Naturhistoriska riksmuseet  From January 3, 2023 admission is SEK 140, Free for visitors under 18
Sjöhistoriska museet From January 3, 2023 admission is SEK 100, Free for visitors under 18
Skoklosters slott From January 3, 2023 admission is SEK 120, Free for visitors under 19
Statens centrum för arkitektur och design  Free entrance on Fridays 18:00-20:00
Östasiatiska museet From January 3, 2023 admission is SEK 140, Free for visitors under 19


  • If you are a tourist longing to visit Stockholm, we will tell you about the right places to visit and the right things to be done here so that you can have a great time exploring the city. Stockholm is one of the finest tourist destinations of the world and has a lot to offer, both in terms of scenic beauty, food and people. Places to dine and have fun are aplenty in Stockholm. Lots of restaurants, bars and night-clubs feature the city and make it a better place to hang-out.
  • Here are some of the hottest tourist destinations of Stockholm that you can chose for the private tour :
  • The National Maritime Museum: This place bears testimony to the Swedish maritime of the 17th It is the world’s largest maritime museum. You will not only get to view the vessels and ships that portray the maritime of those early times but will also have an idea about the effect they exerted on the contemporary society and culture. And if visiting a museum is boring for you, you can think of alternatives to refresh you in the middle such as playroom and creative area where your children can play and the restaurant where you can refuel yourself. You can not only view the age-old pieces of maritime trade but will also get to learn a lot of things related to it.
  • The museum has ten free galleries that you may visit. These galleries have a lot of arts, memorabilia, charts and other similar stuffs on display.

The National Maritime Museum

  • The Butterfly House Haga Ocean: The tropical climate of Haga supports a variety of wild life and the best place to observe them is the Butterfly House Haga Ocean. It is not only the hub of butterflies but also some exotic species of frogs, parrots, sharks and reef fish. It has a shop where you can buy items to gift your friends and relatives and also a greenhouse café where one can munch on several delicious dishes.
  • It is a heavenly place where you can experience the joy of walking past a swarm of colorful and attractive butterflies. There are a few thousands of butterflies and you will be able to see a few hundreds of them during your visit. These butterflies are cultured here in their natural habitat comprising lush green vegetations and waterfalls. You can find the butterflies mating over here and also discover the larvae of butterflies at places. Also, if you are lucky enough, you will be able to see the hatching of a butterfly.
  • The temperature inside is maintained within the range of 18degrees to 25degrees and the humidity is kept high. It is the ideal weather conditions where butterflies prefer to thrive in. However, there is no endangered butterfly species that you will find over here.


  • The Day Trips: You can take a lot of day trips along the beautiful city of Stockholm. The fairy-tale city has many such wonderful places that you can visit such as ancient castles, the world heritage sites and the medieval villages.
  • Drottningholm Palace: As for the ancient castles, the Drottningholm Palace deserves mention at the very first place. It is situated on the Lovon Island in the outskirt of Stockholm. It was built by Queen Hedvig Eleonora in the year 1662. It is popularly known as the “Versailles of the North”. You will be glad to know that the palace has not been reduced to a mere world heritage site but is still the residence of the royal family of Stockholm. There is a large garden built in the Baroque style of the 17th century in front of the castle. Together, they offer a splendid view and attract tourists from different parts of the world. There are other gardens too, with magnificent statues and fountains increasing their beauty.


  • Skokloster Castle: This is another great architecture built in the Baroque style of the 17th It was built in such a time when Sweden was among the leading countries of Europe. It is now a public museum where people can visit and admire the great works of art and culture. One strange fact about this castle is, it has been left incomplete since years! General Curl Gustaf had ordered for this castle in the 17th century. With his death, the construction process of the palace stopped and it was never completed! You can even find the construction tools lying inside the Skokloster Castle since they were left by the masons inside as the stopped their work midway.
  • The entire structure has an authentic flavor associated with it. No major activity has taken place inside the castle for the last three hundred years and almost everything has remained intact. However, with time, some furnitures and objects have been added to the different parts of the castle.

Skokloster Castle

  • Gripsholm Castle: Gripsholm Castle is also among the royal castles of Stockholm. King Gustav Vasa erected this castle in the early sixteenth century. The interior designs bear testimony to the Swedish architecture of those times and same does the exterior of the palace. There are innumerable rooms inside and you may lose yourself in this maze of rooms. The exterior too is superb and earns the admiration of every tourist who visits the palace. There is a large theater hall inside this castle where plays used to be staged.  Two large canons from the 16th century are also found in the courtyard of the castle.
  • There are many such royal palaces in Stockholm apart from these three and they include Rosendal Palace, Gustav III’s Pavillion, Roserberg Palace, Tullgarn Palace, Ulriksdar Palace and many more.
  • Sigtuna: Just a few kilometers from Stockholm, Sigtuna is Sweden’s first town. It was founded as early as 980AD by King Erik along the edge of the Lake Malaren and is one of the best places for the day trip. History of Sweden can be best explored in the ruins of this city called Sigtuna. Today it has some wide streets with giant shops that you can visit as a part of your Stockholm tour. Sigtuna is all about medieval churches, houses and stones of the Viking area. This lake-side picturesque town could be your dream holiday destination. And if you happen to be there during Christmas, there can be nothing like it! The place becomes all the more charming and lively during this part of the year and the stores have a lot of special items to offer.
  • The Royal Armory: This is one of the best places to visit in Stockholm. Staring from royal costumes to splendid carriages- there is a lot to explore in this armory. You can have a look at the rarest things such as Karl Marx’s blue uniform and Gustav III’s clothing. You can also find the dresses of the knights. In fact, the museums will give you the opportunity to try them on. And that too without any entry fee!
  • The City Hall: The City Hall is one of the great architectural buildings that Stockholm is proud of! It is said to have been built using eight million bricks! It also has a 106m tall tower with three crowns on top of it where political sessions and assemblies used to be conducted.
  • Even today, it is the seat of various official activities such as the municipal assembly. The Great Nobel Banquet is also held over here. If you do not want to miss out on one of Stockholm’s biggest attractions, you will have to become a part of a guided tour for visiting it. They are mainly conducted in English and Swedish languages and can be conducted in a few other languages too!

Museums of Science: One of them is the National Museum of Science and Technology. There are a lot of activities to be performed in this museum. Cino4 will allow you to watch a movie involving all your senses. It is one of the most recognized institutes of the world. The gallery extends up to an area of 10,000 square meters. There are at least 3,500,000 visitors that visit the place every year.

Museums of Science

Ocean Bus: This is the most unique sight-seeing in Stockholm. The bus runs both in land and water. It will help you to tour around the different attractions of the city such as Stromgatan by Opera. There will be experienced guides who will tell you some interesting stories throughout your journey.

Fotografiska: It is one of the leading places that showcase contemporary photography. There are various exhibitions held throughout the year. Apart from the gallery, there are book and souvenir shop, restaurant and also a café where you can chill out.


  • The restaurant here is an award-winning one and serves delicious treats. The celebrity chef Paul Svensson is the leading chef over here. Green seasonal dishes are aplenty over here.
  • So these are the topmost tourist attractions of Stockholm. If you are visiting Stockholm in the next vacation or want to plan a trip to the city soon, make sure that you do not miss out on any of them!