Why Should You Visit Old Town and Take a Free Walking Tour Stockholm ?

Free walking tour Stockholm

Visiting a place is not only just going to a different city, but experiencing a new you through a different map of the world. Once you would visit a new country, a new city, you cannot come back same again. If you ever would visit Old Town Stockholm, you would feel the same. Old Town  is an ancient city in Sweden. It was built in the 1300 century. But today the number of residents is very few. Only 3000 people live in Old Town . Most of the buildings are from 1700-1800 century.

There are a lot of buildings and adorable streets and alleyways. If you don’t take a free walking tour Stockholm then you would miss out on something that you would never get back. If you would take a walking tour, you would be able to get mesmerized by beautiful cobbled streets, faded mustard, colored houses in town and German architecture like never before.

The following are the places you can visit by taking a free walking tour Stockholm

  • If you want to get more specific, you would be able to see then you should visit Old town Stockholm’s city centre which comprises of Stadsholmen Island and islets of Helgeandsholmen, Riddarholmen and Stromsborg.


  • Other than that on your free walking tour Stockholm, you would be able to discover more fabulous attractions. On the island near the Stortorget, there is the most attractive baroque style Royal Palace which is also called Kungliga Slottet and around the corner there you will find The Royal Chapel which is also named as Storkyrkan. There is particular history of The Royal Chapel. In June, 2010, Crown Princess Victoria married Daniel Westling in The Royal Chapel.


  • If you would also like to sit, relax and read at your own pace then you can also find cafes which are very beautifully crafted and perfectly decorated for relaxation and some rest. You can also go to restaurants to unwind and eat at your heart’s content. If you are an art lover, you can also find series of art galleries and studios here. There are also many tourist shops from which you can buy items that are only available in Old Town . You can also voyage around museums like Nobel Museum, Post Museum and the Royal Coin Cabinet in the National Museums of Economy. It is a melting pot of art and culture. Thus, it is very hard to believe that back in 19th-20th Century, it was considered the slum area of Stockholm. Now, it is the most significant part of Old Town .


  • There are couple of things you can’t miss. You can say that these are the two main things you can get by taking free walking tour Stockholm. If you ever plan to visit Old Town Stockholm in summer days, then you can experience the changing of guards which takes place outside the Royal Palace and also the marching of military bands and horses. If you are there around 30th April in Old Town , then you can join the fun celebration on the eve of Carl Gustaf XVI’s birthday. The second most important thing you cannot miss is the food of Sweden. Don’t miss the food served in Den Gyldene Freden. This is Old Town  oldest existing restaurant. In this oldest restaurant, they serve the traditional Swedish food. Moreover, you would be glad to know that the interior is still unaltered. If you sit there and eat your food, you would experience not only delicacy of amazing Swedish food, but also the ambience, interiors and excellent architecture inside.



When should you visit Old Town ?

If you ever plan to visit Old Town  and go for a free walking tour Stockholm, then there are two times in the year when you should visit this beautiful city. To join the celebration of the whole Sweden, you need to voyage around Old Town Stockholm in December, during the Christmas time.

Other than that, if you would like to see the celebration of the famous king’s birthday, then summer months, especially April and May are the perfect time for taking a tour in Old Town .

In conclusion, it is said that Old Town  is one of places in Sweden, as well as in the world which should be included in your list of the 100 places you should visit before you die.