Free walking tours-attractions in Stockholm Sweden

free walking tour stockholm

Free walking tours in Stockholm

Almost sixty bridges and 14 islands give Stockholm a status of a Northern Venice. In spite of the impressive size tourists call the capital of Sweden “small”. The reason is that the Swedish capital is not spread around like the most of modern cities. It is still a bit narrow and suitable for going on foot.
Walking tours
As you may have guessed walking is a popular way to investigate Stockholm. A lot of tourists go to join free walking tour around Stockholm every day. To be honest, it is going to be difficult to find a disappointed tourist.
While walking, you can discover much more than looking through windows in a bus or a car. The points of interest are literally everywhere and all one needs to do is not to miss them. The Great Hall or Riddarholmen Church can become good points to start. You will realize that Stockholm historical and cultural background is spanless.

The subway in Stockholm is called a state-of-art construction. All stations are incredibly different and beautiful. We suggest you trying to visit them all and don’t hesitate to pay for a day ticket. Stations of Stockholm subway are found in nearly all walking tours.
Create your own route
Detailed planning is not a necessary thing when it comes to Stockholm. Rather often the most interesting things happen when you are at a spontaneous walk. It means that buying a tour that looks interesting no one guarantees you see everything.
Places like Royal National park certainly deserve more attention than bus tours offer. Only a free Stockholm walking tour can allow you to spend enough time there. The park is incredibly calm and charming. If you wish to think something over – do it here.
Don’t you know the most remarkable places in Stockholm? Then you need to visit at least several museums out of more than 70. It will be easy for everybody to find the most fascinating exhibition.
Time for fun
Experienced travelers know that it’s very important to find the right time to go to Stockholm. Swedish people have their own vision of Easter and the children get dressed like Halloween monsters and play “trick-or-treat”. That can be called the most untypical way to celebrate Easter.
A crayfish party is another great event that tourists like in Sweden. Those who have a desire to visit this great event need to come in August. All Swedish people are fond of crayfish feasts and they will be glad if you come too. You will be charmed with the funny atmosphere there.
Come and enjoy
Pleasure is the main reason of why people travel. Clubs, theaters, museums – each of us likes something more and something less. Please, listen to your heart and go to the places you feel good in. It’s your travel and it’s up to you what to do. Come to the Swedish capital and enjoy your time!