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The place in Gamla Stan is named Stotorget

Stockholm City in Sweden has lots of circumstances to offer to individuals, locals and tourists alike. If you are planning to go to Stockholm on vacation but don’t know what to do, there are many things that you could enjoy in Stockholm. You’ll find beautiful tourist spots, historical sites, picturesque scenery, and exciting athletics that you can enjoy on this amazing town of Sweden.

Visit the famous old capital of Sweden- Stockholm, the Gamla Stan. Gamla Stan is surely an old town, dated in the 13th century, and everything around is contemporary. The architecture as well as the streets have the ability to classical designs. Presently, about 3000 people live in this section of the city. It is a very ideal destination to visit if you like to enjoy old-fashioned designs than some bright and sophisticated modern sights and structures.

Gamla Stan is also where historical events in Stockholm

Gamla Stan is also where historical events in Stockholm

Gamla Stan is additionally where historical events in Stockholm took place like the well-known Stockholm Bloodbath. The place in Gamla Stan is named Stotorget. Other architecture and buildings found in this old town are the Noble Museum, the Royal Palace, and Stockholm Cathedral the location where the statue of St. George and Dragon was erected. Have the ability to modern designs particularly the Royal Palace that has been designed baroque style.

Gamla Stan Tourists Attractions


If you’re going to check out Gamla Stan, you can click on studious, squares, museums and so forth. The most visited spots on this old town would be the following: The Royal Castle, Cornelis Vreeswijkmuseet and also the Noblemuseet. The Noblemuseet is probably the most visited museums in Gamla Stan. If you love fantastic exhibitions, this really is the best place to get. The museum is stuffed with amazing books, objects relating to Nelson Mandela, Wintson Churchill and Alfred Nobel.

Stortorget is the heart of this old town

Stortorget is the heart of this old town

Vreeswijkmuseet was constructed to honor Cornelis Vreeswijik. The institution includes presentations associated with Cornelis’ life, including magazines, objects with his fantastic guitar and others. It’s essential to visit this place. The Royal Castle is surely an amazing building that attracts a lot more than 50, 000 tourists annually. The royal guards protect the palace 24-hours every day since year 1523. This can be a must visit place.


Gamla Stan is set with fascinating museums and historical sights. The Royal Palace is among the most famous tourist attraction. The Royal Palace was constructed in the early 18th-century at the spot with the former castle. Neighboring is amongst the oldest structures on this town, the truly great Church referred to as Storkyrkan, Stockholm’s cathedral, originally built in 13th century.

Neighboring is Stortorget- Stortorget could be the heart of the old town. Several travellers relax right here at the central square while admiring the flowery patrician houses.

German Church

For many years, this location was ruled by German vendors, as there are nowhere where that is more evident than in the German Church (Tyska Kyrkan), where tourists are welcomed with German writings.

German Slope (Tyska Brinken) connects the Tyska Kyrkan with Västerlånggatan, an often jam-packed shopping street with plenty of souvenir shops. Currently it’s one of the leading streets on this old town but in the middle -ages, it was a shore way outside the town wall.

Opposite Västerlånggatan is Prästgatan, which ran within the city walls. The cobblestoned backstreet with colored structures is the most incredible streets from the town. From the walls of among the buildings, at the corner of Kårkbrinken, one can observe a rune stone, which can be considered to be around 1,000 yrs. old.

Prästgatan passes the sharpest and most narrow street in Gamla Stan

Prästgatan passes the sharpest and most narrow street in Gamla Stan

Mårten Trotzigs Grand

Moving towards the east, you will find Prästgatan. Prästgatan passes the sharpest and most narrow street in Gamla Stan town: Mårten-Trotzigs-Grand. The trail is termed from a German vendor and it is only 90cm-wide. After climbing the steps you end -up at Iron Square, also known as Järntorget.

More Squares

There are several more amazing squares in this town, each sqaure possesses its own attraction. Many of the more fascinating squares range from the small wedge-shaped Brända Tomten, which can be bounded by attractive houses. The neighboring Köpmantorget has a huge figure of the dragon and St. George, a bronze replica of the well-known wooden-statue in the cathedral.

A few of Gamla Stan’s most astounding structures and buildings boarder Riddarhustorget, an unusually car-heavy square near Riddarolmen. Here are two amazing 17th-century buildings, the red-brick Riddarhuset along with the white Bonde Castle, believed by many people to be the most beautiful houses in Stockholm.

Only 25 SEK and Gamla Stan is yours.

Only 25 SEK and Gamla Stan is yours.

Helgeandsholmen and Riddarholmen

Several bridges link Stadsholmen using the isle of Heldgeandsholmen and Riddarholmen. Inside the 17th-century the nobility began to construct outstanding castles about the tiny isle west of Stadsholmen, which resulted for the name Riddarholmen Knight’s Islet. Presently very few individuals live here, probably below 100 then there is not very much activity here. What’s more, there aren’t even any shops.

On the other hand, there’re lots of historic sites including several palaces along with the Riddarholmen Church, where you can mausoleums of Swedish Kings, Birger Jarl’s Tower.

Hotels and Restaurants in Gamla Stan

If you’re going to invest multiple day in this old town, you have several choices to choose an incredible hotel. They include Lady Hamilton Hotel, First Hotel Reisen, and Lord Nelson Hotel among others. Your Lover Hamilton is probably the most widely used hotels in Gamla Stan, due to its closeness on the Royal Castle

The values are affordable. You’ve got several facilities of these hotels, like 24-hours room service, parking area and the like.

In case you are visiting Gamla Stan and also you get tired and hungry, get in most of the amazing restaurants and coffees shops you discover about the Vasterlanggatan Street. If you’d like to taste Swedish foods and drink their delicious coffees, you must visit this street.

Final Words

Dating from the 1300’s and filled with must see sights, authentic restaurants, attractions and cafes, Gamla Stan is often a living breathing museum rolling around in its own way. There is absolutely no better method to instantly explore Stockholm and get good at the city’s culture instead of visit this old town. A lot of gifts and souvenirs are available in the city, and tourists will see themselves transported time for old times while they stroll by way of a puzzling web of small winding streets. The Nobel Museum, the Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral are all located here and should be top on any sightseeing itinerary.