Stockholm is the city of your dream!

The capital of Sweden has rich architecture

The whole city is located on 14 islands connected by fifty bridges. Swedish capital has been recognized as the greenest and cleanest city in Europe. Inhabitants love walking through the numerous parks and the main forest of the capital. National Park stretches for more than ten kilometers in the city, and rabbits and deer graze here without fear near museums and theaters.

The capital of Sweden has rich architecture, and get to know her beautiful temples, houses and other places, to breathe clean air and green parks, to see the beautiful water scenery, boats, motor boats and ships along the quays, you can simply walking on foot, by bike or using sea excursions. Free walking tours  give you a possibility to enjoy the city.Free walking tours

On one of Stockholm’s central islands many interesting sights are located. Do you want to know which are? You can just look at the fountain in the square near the metro station T-Centralen.

Visit Gamla Stan Рit is one of the medieval ensembles, located in the heart of Stockholm. And now it became one of the favorite places for tourists. Or climb the Town Hall tower, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city. City Hall is a symbol of the Swedish capital as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Staden is an island in the Old City, on which is located built in the XII century and reigning Royal Palace – the official residence of the King of Sweden and his family. In one of its museums “Three Crowns” you can get acquainted with a unique collection of crowns, jewelry and personal items of the royal family. Watch the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace, traditionally it starts every afternoon. There are many tourists who wants to see the ceremony!

The Museum of sailing ship Vasa is unique museum of world significance which sank Aug. 10, 1628, and did not feel what the real sea was. The ship was raised to the surface in 1961. The ship is impressive! Around him are made inspection tiers, allowing read this gigantic museum of wooden sculptures.

Visit Gamla StanAnother museum is Skansen. It`s open-air Museum,which was founded in 1891 and represents a different era buildings, mansions and houses in Sweden. Here you can walk and relax with the whole family in the zoo and aquarium. You will meet domestic, wild and exotic animals living in Scandinavia. And in souvenir shops and workshops you will be able to buy a beautiful “memory” of this wonderful land.

Compatriots built in 1981 a “Park Astrid Lindgren’s World”. The museum dedicated to her life and work. Famous heroes of the book “Pippi Longstocking”, ” Karlsson-on-the-Roof ” and other fairy-tale characters invite children and adults to visit the wonderful world of fairy tales in the Park-Museum Junibacken.

The Jewish Museum is a great building where different features and objects are located. All things linked with religion and history of Sweden. You will learn a lot of new and unusual, your jewelry box fills up with knowledge.

Ulriksdal Palace is modern Sweden palace, founded in 17th century. Here took place the coronation ceremony. The interior is made in the Baroque style.

Stockholm is the city where all your dreams will come true! You will remember for a long time amusing Stockholm free tours!