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Stockholm Christmas

Speaking about the most amusing capitals of Europe Stockholm dawns upon first. In winter it looks like a storybook place due to its clean and neat streets and decorations everywhere. Stockholm Old Town always looks perfect, however in winter it gains additional charm. Probably it is so because of that fabulous atmosphere that presents in the old marketplace.

Become a baker

Skansen is probably one of the most memorable sites in Stockholm. Since 1891 Skansen has been the most interesting open-air museum in Scandinavia. One could find all types of Swedish architecture there. More than that, some historical buildings still work! Bakeries, schools, forges and post offices are the most interesting during the last pre-Christmas evening when everyone can enter them and participate in funny competitions.

In December, for example, they hold a great Christmas market in Skansen. If you want to feel the winter spirit in Swedish capital – come here. If you are not a shopper you can, let’s say, try baking some bread using the 19th century bakery equipment. Looks challenging, doesn’t it?

Several hunderds of tourists come to the market in Skansen daily. Please, don’t get angry and don’t flee away from queues and crowd and you will sense the festive spirit.

When non-shoppers like shopping

You will turn into an inveterate shopper if you go to Stureplan square. People love strolling around and watching interesting things. Stureplan should not be ignored during your Christmas holidays. You will hardly find such a place with such a Scandinavian spirit in any other corner of the world.

If you are exhausted of doing shopping – visit a great skating rink located not far from the market. It’s a well-known place where mostly tourists come to spend time. It means that if you like meeting new people it’s going to be a perfect place for that.

Family entertainment

Visitors of all ages will highly appreciate the museums of the Swedish capital. However, you can find a lot of “family attractions”. Stockholm circus would be an awesome choice. They have a wide selection of shows for the kids and adults. Your kids will have so much fun! Children appreciate breathtaking shows so they will like Stockholm circus.

One more pleasant thing is ferry. One can find a ferry near the Opera and go for a fantastic tour around the see area. But please remember that windiness is not good for that. But even if you are cold you may always ask the servicemen for a big and incredibly cozy buck skin. You can delight your eyes with magnificent views from the ferry if it is not snowy.

Enjoy your time in Stockholm

Stockholm has a small light day in December and sometimes the weather is simply unbearable. Low temperature is typically not a big problem, but the penetrating wind is. When it’s windy in the street it could be a good idea to spend time inside.

Young travelers often recommend going to Stockholm escape rooms emphasizing that they have tremendous design and plot. Exit Games, Questrooms and lots of other escape rooms are at your service. There are several dozens of such rooms in Stockholm!

Evening or afternoon can be spent in the Royal Opera or the National Museum. At night it’s an awesome decision to spend time in a local bar. The best place for night hanging out is the Medieval town. Typically clubs of Stockholm look a lot like other such places in Western Europe. Swedish beer is incredible and is worth trying it regardless of the price. Stockholm nightlife is really active. Great clubs and bars can be found in any part of city center. You will find a nice bar or club very soon.

Enjoy a great view of Stockholm

The Sports Center in Stockholm has the shape of a large globe. There is no other ball in the world larger than that. In addition, you could enjoy a great view from the Sports Center viewing platform. You will see entire Stockholm at a plain sight from the height of 130 meters! The Stockholm view from there is really breathtaking.

There are many other exciting attractions in Stockholm – come here for Christmas and check them out!