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Free Walking Tours in Stockholm

Stockholm is a Swedish city staying on 14 islands connected with almost sixty bridges. Regardless of its big size tourists call Swedish capital “small”. The issue is that despite big population Stockholm is a rather close-together city. Thus Stockholm is an incredibly convenient place to have a walking tour.
Travel on foot
According to the travelers’ point of view, the best possible way is to choose a walking tour. Free walking tours around Stockholm seem to be a big magnet for excited walkers. The classical city design offers a lot of amusing things for everybody.
Car and bus tours will never let you feel the Stockholm ambience, but walking tours will. The points of interest are just everywhere and all you need to do is not to miss them. Riddarholmen Church or the Great Hall could be nice starting points. Within a couple of hours you will realize how brilliant the local cultural and historical heritage is.

Another awesome point of interest is the Stockholm subway. Tourists often say that each station is a true masterpiece. Try to see all of them and don’t hesitate to buy a day ticket. Actually a lot of walking routes include metro stations.
Create your own route
There is an annoying stereotype that one should plan a trip to a new place. Rather often the most amusing things are found when you are at a spontaneous walk. Even if you pay for a prestigious Stockholm city tour it doesn’t guarantee that you will see as many great things as you could see walking.
Let’s take the Royal National park as an example – this lovely place is worth walking there even for the whole day. A group tour will hardly allow you to stay there long enough. The park is very charming and calm. It is the best part of Stockholm to spend time with family or in thoughtful solitude.
Have you heard that Stockholm is a cultural capital too? Then you need to visit at least several museums of more seventy. There are dozens of museums exhibiting different things. Swedish culture and history and many other fantastic things are presented in the museums.
Funny time
Experienced tourists perfectly that it’s important to find out the right time for a visit to Stockholm. Swedish people have their own perception of Easter and the children dress up like Halloween creatures and play “trick-or-treat”. That is probably the most unusual Easter celebration.
Crayfish parties gather really a lot of people including curious foreign. This drinking and eating feast is held annually in August. Such a crayfish party would be an awesome opportunity for you to know local people better. That’s a great opportunity to make new friends among Stockholm inhabitants and get memorable impressions.
No plan is needed
People sometimes forget that the main goal of any travel is pleasure. Some tourists entertain in clubs and bars, while others like visiting museums and finally the rest wants something different. Don’t make yourself bored going to the places you are not really interested in. Do what you want and don’t look at others. Relax, open your mind and let Stockholm enchant you!