What To See In Stockholm ?

The city offers you a precious tour on foot around the capital

free walking tour stockholmStockholm, a city in Sweden strategically placed in both beauty and garland attraction, is found to be one of the most profound in the Europe. As the capital city of Sweden, it is a city with perfect mixture of the old fashion and the new. This unique maritime city has a cosmopolitan flavor and is unquestionably one of the most scenically beautiful on the planet. It holds the reputation of having diverse historic touristic sites besides the sophisticated modern work of intrinsic architecture. The city has beautifully curved islands with beautiful coasts. It is one among those known to attract a huge number of tourists of diverse origins. About 15 per cent of its populace is composed of the immigrants from various nations around the world.

Of all the touristic sites, majority can be considered as free. If you count on the heavy budget you guess you can spend visiting this city of splendor, then you are mistaken. The city offers you a precious tour on foot around the capital. It being a relatively small city, based on geographical size, you can tour around on foot. The only thing you will require the guide or a map to gain entry to this outstandingly display of the city’s glorious beauty. You can explore the beauty of the whole city within hours, leave alone shopping until you drop in highly adorned artifacts and impressive works of the designers.

First have the delight of feasting your eyes on the Gamla Stan commonly known as the old town to the natives. This town shockingly, houses the most reserved part of the city. It spectacularly displays the ancient riches and wealth of the inhabitant of Stockholm of that time. It is well punctuated with the architecture dating as far as around 15th century. They include the cobblestones streets, allays and skilfully designed buildings. Watch the true unveiling of the Swedish culture and functionality and sturdiness. Along the way, meet with the great hand works of the craftsmen in the streets. Also in this area have a pleasure of visiting the Royal Cathedral which is also known as the Storkyrkan.free tour Stockholm around the Gamla Stan

Amazingly, the oldest Royal Palace that is still inhabited by the present ruler will be found on your cherishing free tour Stockholm around the Gamla Stan. Surely you will not imagine yourself when you take the Royal Tour’ in the very corridors and allays the very old kings and queens of Sweden took during their reign. Also stunningly, here you will encounter the changing of shift of 30’000 guards before the king of Sweden’s palace. This remarkable outfit is also watched by millions of tourist just freely.

Also, there are surprisingly enough, free museums in this city. The city has fully equipped museums that housed the beautiful architecture and designs that are open to the public. One of them is the Moderna Museet which actually from its name, means modern. It is an art and sculpture museum. The other one is the Arkitekturmuseet that display the architecture and design of the Swedish people.

The other place of high proportions is the Djurgarden. This is an island that you will find on the way in your free tour Stockholm. It offers splendid views and events that will catch your eyes. When the evening comes, there are beautiful hotels that offer you the great delicacies of the Swedish meals all around the place.

These make only a few of the wonders that you can find in Stockholm. But the good taste of it all, just pay a visit Stockholm.