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 Meeting Point:

Outside the metro station (subway station) at Gamla Stan

See the Google Map-Our Meeting Point


Gamla Stan( Old Town )is a medieval shrine witnessing historic events. Gamla Stan has been largely preserved through the ages.  Why is the narrowest alley only 90 cm ? What is the meaning of mysterious metallic house signs ? Why doesn’t the King of Sweden wear a crown ?


approx. 1 Hour and 30 minutes


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  • The German Church
    Founded in 1571 the church is located in a neighbourhood that was dominated by Germans in the Middle Ages.
  • Alley of Mårten Trotzig
    The narrowest street in Stockholm at 90cm across (35 inches).
  • The Iron Square
    The second oldest square in Stockholm dating back to the 1300’s.
  • Merchant’s Square
    It was a thoroughfare between two main squares and contains a copy of the sculpture “Sankt Göran och draken”.
  • Iron Boy
    Known in English as the “little boy who looks at the moon”. Fifteen centimetres high it is the smallest public statue in Stockholm.
  • The Royal Palace
    Official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch.
  • The Great Church
    It is the oldest church in Gamla Stan and was founded in the 13th century.
  • The Big Square
    The oldest square in Stockholm and forms the heart of Gamla Stan.
  • The Nobel Museum
    Is a museum devoted to circulating information on the Nobel Prize and the founder of the prize Alfred Nobel.
  • The Priest’s Street
    Home to the “Rune Stone” believed to date back to the 1000’s being about 200 years older than the city.
  • The House of Nobility
    Originally used by the aristocracy for meetings of parliament.
  • Riddarholm Church
    This is the burial church of the Swedish monarchs and is one of the oldest churches in Stockholm.
  • Birger Jarls Square
    The square was renamed after the traditionally attributed founder of Stockholm

Please note: The above route is subject to changes without prior notice


Our Free Tour Stockholm Old Town start on time every day at 10.00 and 13.00 /extra tours start every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday start at 11.00 and 15.00/ rain or shine and last a leisurely 1 hour and 30 minutes. We meet outside the subway station at Gamla stan. We finish our tour in the Old Town


Meeting Point:

Outside the metro station (subway station) at Gamla Stan


See the Google Map-Our Meeting Point


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      Sorry, but this was one of the worst walking tours I experienced. It really got my impression of Stockholm starting from a low place. She seemed to be offering more trivia than actual history. She didn't seem as engaged and out of breath. I didn't really gather much information from the tour. By the time we got to the Central Square people were clearly bored out of their skulls and were just ready to be done with. This might have been a time where I would've considered paying for a tour, as I have done in the past.


      The guide (Joe) was great! Kept us always on our toes with exciting stories of the city. Saw lots of main parts of the old town and heard about the history


      Zenid did a great job on the old town tour at 10am. He was funny but also made sure we all were safe from pickpocketing by thoroughly warning us beforehand and pointing out pickpockets that had followed our group during the tour.

    Very informative, interesting, and a great experience. Zenid went to extra lengths to arrange the group and make sure everyone could hear, especially bc there were so many people. Highly recommend!


      We done both the Stockholm city and Gamla Stan tours in the same day. Highly recommended! Huge thanks to Joe and Albena, both very informative and both seem to love what they do. Thanks guys!


      My family did two tours in one day (June 30). Albena gave a nice and very informative tour of Stockholm city in the morning. We did a second tour in the afternoon with Adi of Stockholm old town. She did a great job, too. Both tours are complementary with little overlap. I would recommend if you want to get a nice overview of the city.

    Terrence G

      Joe was so energetic, enthusiastic and had so much to share! My friend and I had a wonderful time. Thank you!


      We had a wonderful tour with Joe. Very informative, funny and a pleasure to listen to. One of the best guides I’ve ever had. Thank you, Joe, for the great tour!


      Great City Tour with native Englander Francesca and we plan to go back tomorrow for more to do the Old Town tour. Highly recommend this company - it’s the one with the red and yellow logo.


      My 14 year old son and I had a really enjoyable walking tour this morning. Our tour guide was friendly and very informative. Thank you

    Kevin & Rena M

Free Walking Tour Stockholm Old Town

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