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Find a place to put up at Stockholm

Scandinavia in general and Stockholm in particular are definitely not among the cheapest places in our world – go and ask the tourists. That is why when talking about where to stay in Stockholm we should say that there are several types of Stockholm accomodation – cheaper hostels, rather costly hotels and luxurious hotels, houses and apartments.
Saving solution
Well, Scandic or Sheraton are rather not suitable places to stay in Stockholm for students and for thrifty tourists. Such a choice is absolutely normal in cases when luxurious comfort of Stockholm b&b plays no role for many tourists. All savers and young students prefer to find a cheaper accommodation in Stockholm. But don’t hurry too much – you have a chance to stay in a hotel which is more comfortable than any hostel paying same amount of money.
Tens of authentic Swedish small hotels may be easily found all around the capital. The probability to run against some seasonal discount and reserve a great room for affordable price is very high. The last but not least argument is that it is far more enjoyable to be living in a place made in the traditional Swedish style than in a typical hostel always looks pretty like other hostels.

Chapman Stockholm boat hostel

Chapman Stockholm boat hostel

Live in a ship!
Could you think that cheap accommodation in Stockholm can be found not on the land but in the local water? So there is nothing surprising in the title “Northern Venetia” given by tourists. Getting a room in a ship provides you with a great opportunity to live in the very center. There are both affordable hotels and hostels in such ships beginning with 20 Euros for a room. What a nice accommodation in Stockholm, isn’t it?.
Read Internet forums and see that other tourists confirm it – hundreds of them also prefer ships. You will see yourself that tourists like ship hotels because of the pluses described above. So you will get both available price and small distance to dozens of fabulous attractions.
Feel the life of a Stockholm inhabitant
Another great option is to rent an apartment or even a house. But prepare yourself for rather expensive offers – keep in mind that salaries and pension in Sweden are really high and Swedish people can afford such rent. It means that Swedish people are not afraid of such prices, but tourists are usually disappointed.
But much more affordable apartments can be found in the city outskirts. It’s not about saving money only – you will have a chance to live the same life as the local inhabitants do. Undoubtedly, such experience is incredibly interesting. Moreover it is the best chance to make a comparison between Stockholm center with other its districts.
Renting an apartment or a house can become the most interesting option for the people who have already visited Swedish capital and checked its attractions. Non-touristic side is also incredibly interesting. If you wish to see the full picture – go an live among locals but not with other tourists.
When comfort is important
Certain tourists, however, prefer putting up at absolutely comfort. You can get all of this only in a 4 or 5 star hotel. There are great hotels of nearly all global players like Sheraton and Radisson. Additionally you could also choose among local hotels. Moreover, you will definitely see some hotels that are much more stylish and much more Swedish.
As for putting up at the very center we could recommend Grand Hotel – its location is undoubtedly the best. You will be able to quickly walk to a lot of attractions from the hotel. The only minus is that the room prices are higher than in many other Western countries.
Find new friends and a new couch
It’s better to look for bed and breakfast in Stockholm in hotels and good hostels. However, there is a different way to get to a place for sociable people – a service called Couchsurfing. Without any big efforts you will find a large number of available hosts in the capital of Sweden. All one should do is to register in this service, find a suitable person and contact him or her through PM. It is the most affordable and – if you adore talking to new people – most fascinating way to discover Swedish Venetia.