How to save money in visit Stockholm?

Budget Visit Stockholm

Seeing as Stockholm is one of the several more expensive cities to visit Stockhom from sit-down restaurants, shopping and especially hotels, sticking to a budget may seem like a difficult task. However, there are a few options when it comes to accommodation that you should take advantage of if you find yourself in Stockholm but on a rather strict budget. So, here are some budget friendly options that may cut back a lot of your spending in this beautiful and unique city that is well worth the visit money in Visit Stockholm

Stay in the cheapest city hostel

Many backpackers end up crashing in hostels because they tend to be the cheapest substitute rather than staying in hotels that will charge you probably quadruple the price. The cheapest and most central hostel in Stockholm is Interhostel. It’s located just 800 meters from the Central Station and has cafes, restaurants and everything you may possibly need right within walking distance. It may be crammed but it will definitely save you money seeing as rooms start at only 149 SEK ($22).central hostel in Stockholm

Use Couchsurfing

Free. If you are able to find a Couchsurfing host in Stockholm even for a few days then you are guaranteed a completely free place to stay. It’s a fantastic way to travel and not only save a bunch of money but also meet some amazing welcoming and friendly people during your stay. host in Stockholm

Volunteer somewhere

If you are already part of a volunteer network like then you know that there should be plenty of options in Stockholm for you to volunteer at. If you are not, then do some research and find out if you want to make volunteering as part of your travels. Through these sort of sites, hosts usually offer free accommodation and food in exchange for about 5 hours work per day. It’s also an awesome way to meet travelers and get to know the locals!Visit Stockholm would be the perfect place

Use hotel or credit card points

If you are a seasoned traveler and have been staying in hotels or have a great credit card that offers rewards for traveling and spending, then take advantage! Stockholm would be the perfect place to use them and make the most out of your stay. Do some research on what places accept your points and start using them!