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Christmas in Stockholm

Stockholm has a unique place among all other world capitals. Winter Stockholm looks like a part belonging to some parallel fairytale world. Stockholm Medieval part looks perfect all the time, but in winter it becomes something specific. You will be surprised with its tremendous look and with the market located there.

Become a baker

Skansen can be found among the most remarkable sites in Swedish capital. This fantastic open-air museum was built in 1891. All kinds of local architecture can be found here. One more awesome thing is that guests can get inside of most of those buildings. Schools, bakeris, forging shops and post offices are the most interesting during the last evening before Christmas when one can enter them and take part in funny competitions.

Skansen is also the host of the Christmas market during whole December. If you want to feel the winter ambience of Swedish capital – come here. In case if you are not a shopping fan you can, for instance, try baking bread using the 19th century bakery equipment. Challenging enough, isn’t it?

Christmas market in Skansen alwaus gathers hundreds and even thousands of visitors. Please, don’t get angry and don’t go away from queues and crowd and you will sense the festive ambience.

Shopping for non-shoppers

Stureplan square is an amusing place with fantastic market. Buying doesn’t have to be the best part. The main satisfaction is in going around and finding unusual things. Stureplan should be a point of your Christmas Eve route. There is no other attraction in the whole world that preserves such a Scandinavian ambience.

Ice-skating is a great thing after shopping, the rink is not fat from Stureplan. It’s a well-known place where mostly foreigners spend time. So if you want to meet new friends it’s going to be an ideal place to do it.

Family fare

As a matter of fact, museums of Stockholm are a nice option for both adults and children. However, there are also activities aimed mainly on families with children. Foreigners like Stockholm circus so it would be fantastic if you go there. Each performance there is good for watching it with family. Don’t worry, your children will not leave the circus dissatisfied! All kids appreciate breathtaking performances and they will fall in love with Stockholm circus.

Another pleasant thing is ferry. You can go to this tour near the Opera and then go to small beautiful islands. But one should be very careful – in a windy day it can be very cold aboard. There are warm and thick buck skins on board for the people who are cold. If the weather is still and it doesn’t snow you will enjoy really unforgettable views of winter Sweden.

Enjoy your time in Stockholm

Sweden is a Northern land and sometimes its weather gets really tough. Even if the temperature looks fine the piercing wind can spoil all plans. Then it’s better to look for some indoor activity.

You could also check out the local escape rooms which are really popular among guests from all parts of the world. You can visit Questrooms, Exit Games and other sites like that. There are more than thirty places of that kind in Stockholm!

Local museums and Royal Opera ideally suit for an afternoon leisure. At night it will be a great decision to hang out in a local bar. There are tens of them in the center and in the Medieval town. Stockholm clubs and bars look nearly the same like in other European countries. Swedish beer is incredibly specific and is certainly worth trying without looking at the price. Awesome nightlife is another remarkable thing about the capital of Sweden. All you need is to go out late and go along the streets. Everyone will quickly and easily find a cool place.

See the whole globe from the Globe

Stockholm Sports Center looks like a very big ball. There is no other ball in the world larger than that. This building has another attraction besides its shape – there is an outstanding sightseeing desk there. The platform revolves around the Center and rises up to 130 meters! Entire Stockholm will be seen in plain sight.

Don’t hesitate and choose Stockholm as your Christmas holidays destination!