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Stockholm Christmas

Talking about the most interesting capitals Stockholm dawns upon first. In the winter time it looks like a fantasy place due to neat and clean streets and decorations everywhere. By some reason the old town of Stockholm is much more amusing in winter than in summer. Maybe the reason is the fantastic spirit that presents in the old marketplace.

Turn into a baker

Skansen is probably one of the most remarkable sites of Swedish capital. Since 1891 Skansen has remained the most fascinating open-air museum in Scandinavia. Fans of Swedish architecture will be incredibly happy. Furthermore, there are whole buildings not only preserved but still working! You just need to come here during the last evening before Christmas and see all those old bakeries, post offices and forges.

Skansen also holds the Christmas market during whole December. It’s impossible to think of winter Stockholm tourism without this place. You don’t need to purchase anything if you don’t want to. You could go and bake a tasty fresh bread instead. Looks quite challenging, doesn’t it?

Christmas market in Skansen museum annually gathers a great number of visitors. Please, don’t get angry and don’t avoid queues and crowd and you will feel the festive spirit.

Shopping for everyone

Stureplan square is an exciting point of interest with fabulous local market. Some say that all the pleasure is related not to the souvenirs you buy but to the shopping itself. Stureplan should certainly be visited in your Christmas holidays. You will never find such a place with such a Scandinavian atmosphere in any part of the planet.

If you feel tired of doing shopping – check out a great skate-rink located not far away. The rink visitors are typically foreign tourists. It means that if you want to meet new friends it’s going to be a perfect place to do it.

Spend your time with family

Without a doubt, museums of Stockholm are a nice leisure solution for kids and adults. However, you can find certain special “family attractions”. For instance, you can go together to Stockholm circus. They offer a wide selection of shows for the families. The kids will be thankful and happy, believe us! Children like breathtaking performances so they will love Stockholm circus.

Another great thing is ferry. They start the tour near Opera and then get to the group of small islands. Anyway, please remember that severe wind is not a suitable weather for sea tours. They have thick buck skin to everyone, so don’t be modest and ask any of the employees about that. You can enjoy splendid views from the ferry if it is not snowy.

Fun for everyone

Sweden is a country on the North and sometimes its weather is really severe. Even if the air temperature seems to be fine the piercing wind can ruin everything. When it’s windy outside it can be a sensible idea to stay inside.

Young tourists often suggest visiting Stockholm escape rooms saying that they have tremendous design and plot. Exit Games, Questrooms and other escape rooms are at your service. Experienced escape room fans may visit more than 2 dozens of places of that kind!

The National Museum and the Royal Opera suit well for an afternoon occupation. Stockholm nightlife is one more interesting attraction for all the travelers. The most interesting place for tasting Stockholm nightlife is the Medieval town. Swedish clubs and bars look almost the same like in other European countries. The prices can seem rather high, however Swedish beer shoul be tried. Nightlife of Stockholm is really hectic. Great bars and clubs can be found in any part of city center. It’s not a big deal to find a nice place to stay.

See the whole globe from the Globe

Stockholm Sports Center looks like a very big ball. There is no other ball in the world larger than that. In addition, you could enjoy a great view from the Sports Center viewing platform. You will see entire Stockholm at a plain sight from the height of 130 meters! The Stockholm view from there is really breathtaking.

Don’t miss the Christmas Eve in Stockholm, you will feel perfect here!