Christmas in Stockholm-Stockholm sights

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Stockholm Christmas

Speaking about the most charming capitals of Europe Stockholm comes to mind first. In the winter time it resembles a fairytale place with all those clean and neat streets and decorated building. It’s known that the old part of Stockholm looks much more attractive in in winter. It has its own unmatched spirit with the marketplace, handmade souvenirs, sweet chestnuts and glogg.

Become a baker

Skansen belongs to the most remarkable points of interest of Swedish capital. This worldwide known open-air museum was built in 1891. All types of Swedish architecture are presented here. Furthermore, there are buildings not only preserved but still working! Bakeries, schools, post offices and forging shops are the most interesting in the last evening before Christmas when one can get inside and take part in funny competitions.

It the second half of December you can get to a nice Christmas market in Skansen. All people who want to know what “Stockholm tourism” is about should definitely visit it. In case if you are not a shopper you can, for example, try your hands in baking bread with the 19th century bakery equipment. Challenging, isn’t it?

Several hunderds of guests come to Skansen market every day. It means that you are recommended to be prepared for a large crowd and be patient.

Shopping for non-shoppers

You will turn into an inveterate shopping fan if you visit Stureplan square. Buying doesn’t have to be the best part of it. The main pleasure is in going around and choosing things. Stureplan should definitely be a point in your Christmas route. One will hardly find such a place with such a Scandinavian spirit in any other corner of the planet.

If you feel tired of doing shopping – visit a great skating rink situated not far from the market. Tourists from other countries love that skating spot and often go there. It means that if you like meeting new people it can be an ideal place to do it.

Spend your time with family

Tourists of all ages will highly appreciate the museums of the Swedish capital. All in all, there are also places made specifically for kids and parents. Foreigners adore Stockholm circus so it would be great if you take your family there. Every performance there is good for watching it with family. Don’t worry, the children will not leave the circus dissatisfied! All kids appreciate exciting performances so they will love Stockholm circus.

Another pleasant thing is ferry. They begin near the Opera building and go through the group of small islands. Anyway, please remember that severe wind is not a suitable weather for taking sea trips. There are thick and warm buck skins on a ferry for those who are cold. When there is good weather in Stockholm a ferry tour is an ideal pastime.

Fun for everyone

Sweden is a Northern country and from time to time its weather gets really severe. Even if the air temperature seems to be fine the piercing wind can ruin all plans. Wind is something really annoying that can make you decide to choose some indoor activity.

One may also go to the local attractions called rooms which are very popular among tourists. There are dozens of different escape rooms and one may find them on the Internet. There are about thirty attractions sites of that type in Swedish capital!

Local museums and Royal Opera are great for an afternoon or evening. At night it will be a great idea to spend time in a local bar. The most interesting place for tasting local nightlife is the old town. In fact most of Stockholm pubs can be compared to the European counterparts. The capital of Sweden is a rather costly city, but you must try the local beer. Nightlife in Stockholm is just fantastic. All you need to do is to go out and go along the streets. Everyone will quickly and easily find a cool place.

See the whole globe from the Globe

The Sports Center in Stockholm has the shape of a large globe. Actually, it’s the biggest ball in the world. In addition, you could enjoy a great view from the Sports Center viewing platform. The revolving deck moves around the Center and gets to the height of 130 meters! The Stockholm view from there is really breathtaking.

Don’t think twice and select Stockholm as your Christmas holidays destination!