Christmas in Stockholm-top 10 things to do in stockholm

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Christmas in the fairy tale

Stockholm has an especial reputation among all other European capitals. Winter makes the capital of Sweden an incredibly cozy town. By some reason the old town of Stockholm looks much more interesting in winter than in summer. It has its own inimitable spirit with its market, handmade souvenirs, sweet chestnuts and glogg.

Turn into a baker

Skansen belongs to the most memorable points of interest in Swedish capital. This worldwide known open-air museum was founded in 1891. Fans of Swedish architecture will be satisfied. Furthermore, there are whole buildings not only preserved until now but still functioning! Schools, bakeris, post offices and forging shops are the most attractive in the last evening before Christmas when one can get inside and participate in funny competitions.

Skansen also holds the Christmas market in December. All guests who want to know what “Stockholm tourism” is about should certainly visit it. In case if you are not a shopping fan you can, let’s say, try baking some bread using the 19th century bakery equipment. Looks quite challenging, doesn’t it?

Christmas market in Skansen annually gathers thousands of visitors. Please, have patience and don’t avoid queues and crowd and you will feel the festive spirit.

Shopping for everyone

Stureplan square in Stockholm will charm you even if you are a convinced shopping hater. People like walking around and noticing cool things. Stureplan should be a point in your Christmas Eve route. There is no better attraction in the world that has such a Scandinavian ambience.

Ice-skating is a great thing after shopping, the rink is not fat from Stureplan. It’s a public place where mainly foreigners spend time. It means that if you want to meet new people it seems to be an ideal place for that.

Family entertainment

As a matter of fact, Stockholm museums are a nice leisure solution for people of all ages. But there are many attractions made for families. Stockholm circus could be a great choice. They have a large number of shows for the kids and adults. The kids will be happy and thankful, don’t even doubt! Stockholm circus is a brilliant place for any family tour.

There are also ferry tours. They start the tour near the Opera building and go through the group of small islands. But be very careful – if it’s a windy day it can be really cold aboard. But even if you get numb you can always ask the employees for a big and incredibly cozy buck skin. When there is fine weather a ferry trip is a perfect pastime.

Enjoy your time in Stockholm

Let’s keep in mind that Stockholm is a Northern capital and occasionally it is really cold there. Even if it’s 0C outside a biting local wind makes you feel like it’s -15C at least. When it’s windy outside it can be a reasonable idea to spend time at home.

Young travelers and just those who like suspense will definitely appreciate Stockholm escape rooms. Exit Games, Questrooms and other places are waiting for you. There are nearly 3 dozens of escape rooms here in Stockholm!

Afternoon and evening could be devoted to the Royal Opera or the National Museum. At night it will be an awesome decision to hang out in a bar. The old town is full of bars and clubs. Stockholm clubs and bars look more or less the same like in the rest of European countries. Swedish capital is a quiet expensive place, but you just must taste the local beer. Nightlife in the Swedish capital is just fascinating. City center is full of awesome nightclubs, pubs and bars. You will find a nice bar or club very soon.

Enjoy a great view of Stockholm

Stockholm Sports Center looks like a very big ball. Actually, it’s the biggest ball in the world. It makes it a very interesting place to visit especially because it has an outstanding viewing point. The platform revolves around the Center and rises up to 130 meters! The Stockholm view from there is really breathtaking.

Don’t miss the Christmas Eve in Stockholm, it’s really worth coming here!