Christmas in Stockholm-Stockholm guide

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Christmas in the fairy tale

Stockholm has an especial reputation among all other capitals. Winter Stockholm has a look of a part of a parallel fairytale world. The best way to check what Christmas Eve in Stockholm looks and smells like is to visit the Old Town. Maybe it is so because of that amazing atmosphere that surrounds the old town market.

Bake your Christmas bread

Skansen can be found among the most memorable points of interest of Stockholm. It is a very big outdoor museum founded long ago in 1891. Connoisseurs of Swedish architecture will be happy. What is more, some historical buildings still work! You just should come in the last evening before Christmas and see all those old schools, bakeries, forging shops and post offices.

Skansen is also the host of the Christmas marketplace during whole December. All tourists who want to learn what “Stockholm tourism” is in reality should certainly visit it. If you are not a shopper you can, let’s say, try baking some bread with the 19th century bakery equipment. Challenging, isn’t it?

Skansen market attracts several hundreds of tourists daily. It means that you should be ready for a lot of people and have plenty of patience.

Shopping for everyone

Stureplan square is an exciting touristic site with outstanding local market. People love walking around and noticing interesting things. Stureplan should not be ignored during your Christmas holidays. There is no better place in Europe which preserves this Scandinavian spirit.

If you feel tired of doing shopping – visit a great skating rink located not far from the market. Tourists from other countries love that ice-skating spot and regularly come there. Therefore the rink is the most suitable place for striking up new acquaintances.

Spend your time with family

Travelers of all ages will appreciate Stockholm museums. All in all, there are certain attractions made for parents and kids. Stockholm circus would be a great choice. Each performance there is suitable for watching it with family. Your family will have really much fun! Family leisure should be spent in nice places just like Stockholm circus.

There are also tours on ferry. You can go for such a tour near the Opera and get to one of small amusing islands. However, please keep in mind that strong wind is not a good weather for sea trips. There are warm and thick buck skins on a ferry for those who are cold. If the weather is calm and it’s not snowing you will see really unforgettable views of winter Stockholm.

Have fun in Stockholm!

Sweden is a country on the North and sometimes the weather is really severe. Low temperature is not a problem, however the wind is. Wind is something that can make you decide to choose some indoor activities.

Young people and just the enthusiasts who love thrilling atmosphere will definitely appreciate local escape rooms. You can check Questrooms, Exit Games and other spots like that. Experienced escapers may go to more than two dozens of rooms of that kind!

Afternoon or evening can be spent in the Royal Opera or the National Museum. The bars in Swedish capital are marvelous and you literally must visit them. The most interesting place for checking out Stockholm nightlife is the old town. Stockholm bars and clubs look almost the same like in other Europe. Swedish beer is incredible and is worth trying without regarding the price. Nightlife in Stockholm is just fantastic. City center is full of awesome nightclubs, pubs and bars. Everyone will quickly and easily find a cool place.

See the whole globe from the Globe

Globe-shaped Sports Center is another attraction of Stockholm. Check out the largest ball in the world. It makes it a very interesting place to visit especially because it has an outstanding viewing point. The platform revolves around the Center and rises up to 130 meters! The Stockholm view from there is really breathtaking.

Don’t think twice and select Stockholm as your Christmas holidays destination!