Even Facts About The Stockholm Card

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What are the reasons for buying the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is an outstanding city with a great deal of adventure and it is a place you can experience nature at its best. The glory of Stockholm can be seen at every corner of nearly every street, in museums and parks. Several cities in Sweden have discount cards designed specifically for short term visitors. The Stockholm Card is the short cut to fun and great experiences in Stockholm.

What the Stockholm Card Offers.

The main goal of the discount card is to let short term visitors check as many as possible interesting places and things in Stockholm. But what actually does the City Card do? Well, it:

  • Lets you get to the Stockholm cultural life. If you are used to paying entrance fees all the time and wasting time in long boring queues you will become a very happy card owner – no fees and thus no queues anymore!
  • Lets you use for free all Stockholm trams, trains, buses and even by boats! Forget about the tickets – with this card you don’t need them!
  • Provides very tempting discounts for different sightseeing tours arranged on boats and buses and for visiting well-known Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

How Much Time Is Left To Get The Card?

The Stockholm card remains valid for a period from one to five days, the choice is yours to make. If your vacation is two or three days, you can choose the best plan for you. There are several plans available one day, two days, three days and five days plan.

Where Do I Purchase the Card from and what is the Price?

The price solution is very transparent and fair – you pay the amount money depending on the number of days spent in Stockholm. There are discount cards for 1, 2, 3 and 5 days – select any that matches better.

The price of the card stays stable during the year. At the same time, there are some discounts on occasional basis. Ikea family offers discount codes to customers who get the Ikea Family membership card.

Who could appreciate the Stockholm Card?

The City discount card is a gift from the authorities to all tourists who have very short time to spend in Stockholm. Now everybody can do a lot of things even within two or three days.

Don’t miss a cool opportunity to make your short travel to Stockholm full of new information and interesting discoveries. You could calculate all the things yourself getting all information concerning fees and prices in the Internet. You will then see that the advantages are obvious.

Frankly speaking, the Stockholm Card can be called a advantageous option for those people only who would like to devote a lot of time to sightseeing – rubberneck tourists will definitely appreciate all the benefits the Stockholm Card gives. The rest will rather find it useless – if you are going to hang out in clubs and at concerts or to simply roam at a leisurely tempo you don’t have to pay for the Card

Fortunately there are dozens of spots in Stockholm where you can get the card if you change your mind.