For Smart People About The Stockholm Card

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Why do I need the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is an exciting but rather expensive capital. It’s kind of a great challenge to enjoy its points of interest and feel the spirit of the city without leaving there a lot of money.

What benefits does the Card have.

All Stockholm guests who came for several days only will highly appreciate the city discount card which is incredibly useful in museums, theaters etc., because it

  • Gives you free access to over 80 cultural objects where you have a great chance to expand new horizons. With this card, you can easily access to all kinds of attraction sites with no limitations. Thus you will not have to pay fees in museums and other cultural objects as long as you hold the card; this will save you a lot of money especially in case if you’d prefer visiting several museums and tourist points of interest.
  • Grants you with the unlimited use of public transport. With it, you can travel in the buses, city trains, boats and even trams.
  • Offers very tempting discounts for a great number of sightseeing routes arranged on boats and buses as well as for visiting well-known Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

For How Much Time Will The Card Be Valid?

The Stockholm card can last for a period from 1 to 5 days, it’s you who chooses the number of days. Whether your vacation is 2 or 3 days, you can select the best plan for you. The available plans are 1, 2, 3 and 5 days plan.

How much does the Card cost and where can one buy it?

To get the card, please visit any of Stockholm information desks and buy it there. The cost of the card differs depending on the number of days you buy it for. A one day plan costs 525 Swedish Krona (SEK), 675 SEK is the price for a two days plan, 825 SEK for a three day plan and 1095 SEK is the price for a five day plan.

Regardless of discounts from time to time the cost of the Stockholm card remains stable all the time. Speaking about the discounts you could have one from Ikea by obtaining their Family Membership card.

When To Get One

This City card is a gift from the authorities to all visitors who have very short time to spend in Stockholm. Now everyone can do really a lot of things even within two or three days.

Using a simple calculator and the Internet you can easily and quickly compare the expenditures related to the card to the expenditures of traveling around Stockholm without the card. We know the result for sure.

One way or another, if sightseeing and so called “rubberneck tour” are not included into your plan there is actually no sense in purchasing the Stockholm Card. The same thing concerns the people who prefer investigating Swedish capital by wandering around the streets and meeting interesting people.

The good news is that there are many places in Stockholm where you can get the card if you change your mind.