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Find a place to stay in Stockholm

All travelers who have already stayed in Sweden and Scandinavia say that it is certainly not the cheapest touristic place in the world. To put it short we would like to say that those who are looking for where to stay in Stockholm or Stockholm accomodation may choose among these variants – more or less cheap (ships, hostels, some hotels), moderately expensive (hotels) and finally expensive (luxurious hotels).
Student’s dream
Not everyone really wants and can afford places to stay in Stockholm like a prestigious hotel – for example Park Inn or Sheraton. The main aim for such people is to simply enjoy the capital and to discover as much as possible, they are not confined to a exact Stockholm b&b place. Generally foreign students and people who do not want to pay too much prefer Stockholm hostels. But don’t hurry up too much – actually you have a chance to put up at a hotel which is more comfortable than any hostel paying same money.
Dozens of authentic Swedish stylish and neat hotels can be found in whole center the city. The coolest thing related to places like this is that from time to time they present really tempting price offers like seasonal offers and discounts. Finally, it’s much better to get a room in such an authentic Swedish hotel than to stay in a typical hostel nearly always full of noise and impolite guests.

Where to stay in Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm

What about staying on a ship?
Those who like geography also know that Swedish capitan is an island city and cheap accomodation in Stockholm can be found on ships. It is the main reason for people calling it “Northern Venetia”. Booking a room in a ship provides you with a great opportunity to live in the very center. There are both affordable hotels and hostels in such ships from 20 Euros for a room. That is really nice accomodation in Stockholm!.
The confirmation of it can be easily found on any touristic forum thread dedicated to Stockholm – just people. You will find out that tourists like ship hotels because of all of the advantages described above. It means that you will not be living in a cool place but also have all main attraction sites right near.
Feel the life of a Stockholm inhabitant
Rental apartments and houses can also become a good idea. But be ready for quite costly offers – remember that wages and pension in Sweden are high and local people can easily afford to pay such rent. Actually that is the reason of why houses for rent are not that popular.
However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find less costly apartments few kilometers away from the center. You will thus save money and see better how Stockholm people live. With no doubts, such experience is incredibly interesting. It is also a chance to see if there is a big different between center and other districts of Stockholm.
If you are interested in seeing a real life in Stockholm renting a small house which is remote from center is obviously the best decision. Every city has 2 sides and Stockholm is not exclusion here. Living among locals will allow you to see the full picture.
Top level of comfort
Finally, there is another kind of tourists. These are the people who prefer total comfort in everything. A good hotel with ample rooms and delicious breakfasts are the best then. There are prestigious hotels of almost all global players like Sheraton and Radisson. It’s a sensible idea to think about local hotel chains too. Small local hotels may also be comfortable enough to come up to all your requirements.
As for staying in the very center we could recommend Grand Hotel – its situation is undoubtedly the best. One will be able to walk to the majority of attractions from the hotel. But keep in mind really high prices – they can be even higher than in most of other European capitals.
Surfing for a coach
You are better to look for bed and breakfast in Stockholm in hotels and good hostels. The people who like “camping wild” will rather prefer a free option called “couchsurfing”. It’s easy to get a “coach” in Stockholm even for those who have not done it before. All you need to do is to register an account in the service, find such a host person and contact him through website private chat. It’s going to be a really affordable way to discover the city and to make new friends.