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Find a place to stay in Stockholm

Scandinavia in general and Stockholm in particular are definitely not the most affordable places in the world – go and ask the tourists. That is why when we are talking about where to stay in Stockholm we mention several kinds of Stockholm accomodation – affordable hostels, rather costly hotels and expensive luxurious hotels, houses and apartments.
Student’s dream
Hotels of worldwide known chains are really too expensive as places to stay in Stockholm for cheap tourists and students. Such visitors are typically not interested in splendor – they feel absolutely fine about more affordable Stockholm b&b. It makes all hostels and other affordable accommodations so popular. There are a lot of great hostels in Stockholm, but we recommend you to check available hotel rooms.
Tens of authentic Swedish stylish and neat hotels may be easily found in the central part the capital. The probability to come on an awesome discount and reserve a nice hotel room for low price is high. All in all, it’s better to get a room in a local original hotel than to select a boring hostel often full of noise and impolite people.

Where to stay in Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm

Check out a ship hotel
Those who know geography know that Swedish capitan is an island city and cheap accomodation in Stockholm can be found on ships. So there is nothing surprising in the title “Northern Venetia” granted by tourists. It’s really convenient to stay in a ship because basically all ships are located in very interesting parts of the city. You will be surprised with how attractive the room prices in a ship are in comparison with other accommodation in Stockholm. That is really nice accomodation in Stockholm!.
Read Internet forums and make sure that other tourists confirm it – a lot of them also prefer ships. The travelers say that it’s incredibly convenient to put up at a ship due to good location. So you will get both available price and small distance to dozens of fabulous attractions.
Be a Swedish
Rental house or apartment can also become a good idea. Due to high pension in Sweden Swedish citizens can afford paying costly rent, therefore you need to be ready for the prices. It means that locals are OK with such prices, but tourists are often disappointed.
But much cheaper apartments may be found in the city outskirts. It will allow you to save decent sum and see how local people in ordinary districts live. That’s a great experience as well. It is also a fabulous chance to check whether there is a big different between the central part and other districts of Stockholm.
Renting an apartment or a house can be the most interesting option for the tourists who have already visited Stockholm and seen its attraction sites. Each city always has two sides of life and Stockholm is no exception here. Living with Swedish local people will allow you to see the full picture.
Top level of comfort
Certain travelers, however, prefer staying in absolutely comfort. A prestigious hotel with ample rooms and tasty breakfasts are the best then. Global hotel companies can be easily found in Stockholm. In addition you could eye up local hotels. One more way to have a comfortable rest is to get a room in an authentic Swedish hotel.
The best location among all top-level hotels belongs to Grand Hotel. All famous museums, all splendid views and all awesome bars and clubs will be within walking distance that is really convenient. The only minus is that the prices for rooms are higher than in many other Western cities.
Find new friends and a new couch
You are better to look for bed and breakfast in Stockholm in hotels and hostels. The tourists who like “camping wild” will certainly prefer a free and cool option called “couchsurfing”. It’s really easy to find a place in Stockholm even for those who have not done it before. All you should do is to register in the service, find such a host person and contact him through website private chat. It’s going to become a very affordable way to explore the city and to make new foreign friends.