Five Remarkable Sights in One Free Walking Tour

This is the best route one free walking tour Stockholm

They say Stockholm is a settlement between bridges. 57 bridges linking together 14 islands are a valid reason to claim so. Below, you will be recommended a free walking tour Stockholm  through the city that includes 5 admirable tourist attractions. A pretty lot of sightseeing for a first time Stockholm visitor. This example of free walking tour Stockholm generally goes through “Gamla stan” – the Old City medieval ensemble that has withstand the ravages of time unlike most European cities.

Riddarholmen Island

Historians call this island a conservation of old Swedish architecture. Few tourists come here; you will find no giftshops or cafes. But it is the place where the defensive fortifications of ancient Stockholm were built. You will see the facades of several old palaces that accommodated noble lords and military commanders. The Swedish kings’ sepulchral vault – Riddarholmskfree walking tour stockholmyrkan – is also situated on the island.

The Riddarholmen Church

The church only permits tourists during the warm season – from mid-May to mid-September. The nearby square sports a bronze sculpture of Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm. The name “Stockholm” is first mentioned in 1252, in a scroll Birger sent to his son Valdemar. Step onto the Riddarholmen Island’s large terrace named after a famous Swedish singer, composer and poet Evert Taube. If you stand facing the watery waste, his statue will be on your right. Moving left, you’ll behold the Sun Boat, a granite sculpture by Swedish artist Christian Berg. Go along the beach, past the statue to Taube, to the Birger Jarls Tower.

Birger Jarls Tower

The tower is the only undamaged section of the rampart constructed in the middle of C16th to defend the city. According to historians, in the Middle Ages, the swingeing majority of Stockholm buildings were red-brick. But during King Gustav Vasa’s reign it was decided to cover all the buildings with light plaster.

Birger Jarls Tower offers a lovely view of the City Hall. From here, go back to the Riddarholmen Church and across the bridge over the canal. Go forward to the place where the street splits, then go to the right, down Myntgatan St. to Prästgatan St. The Lady Hamilton Hotel is your orienting point, as it stands on the corner of these two streets. Turn right and take a walk down Gamla Stan free walking tourPrästgatan.

Gamla stan

Prästgatan, the rather meandering narrow gauge of a Priest’s Street, has remained virtually unchanged since C13th. All the main floors of the old houses are occupied by gift and antique shops and cafes. When you reach the intersection of Prästgatan and Tyska Brinken, turn left to see the next attraction of tourists.

The German Church

The St. Gertrude’s German Church is devoted to the patron of travelers. The latter are allowed to admire its baroque interiors in the period between May and late September. During the remaining 7 month of the year the church is closed for visitors. But its bells are regularly heard four times a day: at 8:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 20:00. Turning left, go from from Tyska Brinken St. to Svartmangatan St. that will drive you to Stortorget, Gamla stan’s main square. Herefrom you can start another couple of enthralling free walking tour Stockholm.