For Single Travelers-The Stockholm Card

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What are the reasons for purchasing the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is a splendid but rather costly capital. It’s kind of a big challenge to find its attractions and sense the spirit of the city without wasting all money.

What benefits does the Card have.

The Stockholm Card is the most attractive solution for a short term tourist who is curious about cultural life of the capital, since it:

  • Guarantees you free admission to more than eighty museums where you can expand new horizons. Having this card, you get easy admission to tourist attraction site with no limitations. Therefore you will not need to pay fees in the museums as long as you have the card; it will let you save a lot of money especially if you plan to visit at least several museums and tourist sites.
  • Offers you unlimited access public transport. With it, you can travel in the trams and city trains, buses and even boats.
  • Offers attractive discounts for a great number of sightseeing routes arranged on buses and boats and for visiting well-known Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

How Much Time Is Left To Get The Card?

The length of your stay is the most significant factor helping choose the most reasonable plan for you – there are 1, 2, 3 or 5 days plans available. The Stockholm Card is automatically activated in the day of purchase and remains active until the selected plan finishes.

How much does the Discount Card cost and where can I get it?

You can obtain the Stockholm City Card in any information point of the Swedish capital. The cost is calculated depending on the number of days you will be using the Card for – one-day use costs 525 SEK (Swedish Krona), two-day plan costs 675 SEK, three and five days plans have the price of 825 and 1095 SEK respectively.

The price of the card remains stable during the year. At the same time, there are some discounts available on occasional basis. Ikea, for instance, grants discount codes to people who obtain the Ikea Family membership card.

When To Buy One

If you come as a tourist who likes sightseeing, it is reasonable to get one. It will save you nice amount of money at the end of the day as you will not have to pay entrance fees for all the cultural places that you visit. It is a great penny-worth for short term tourists coming to Stockholm as they can get a lot paying a fixed price.

Taking a calculator and a laptop you can quickly compare the costs of using the card to the costs of traveling around Stockholm without the card. We are perfectly aware of the result.

On the other hand, if you do not plan doing numerous sites of sightseeingit is maybe not a really good idea to purchase one. For Instance, if you wish to investigate Stockholm at a leisurely pace and visit few places per day, getting a Stockholm Card does not look reasonable. That is why it is called a short term tourist’s card.

Luckily there are many spots in Stockholm where you can get the card if you suddenly change your mind.