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Ten Amusing Things About Segway Stockholm

Beauty and inventiveness are the most known characteristics of Stockholm. A great deal of globally spread up-to-date solutions and fashion trends born here. Tourists from across the world come to Stockholm to enjoy its history, cultural background and, of course, trendy restaurants, bars and cafes. There are many things making guests delight the capital of Sweden – charming nature, cityscape and pleasant environment. If you are thinking about eco-friendly transport for discovering Swedish capital you could take Segway.

Even if you have been to most part of the world and may have enjoyed a great deal of the nature beauties and human creation, but Segway ride in Stockholm guarantees that you the unique experience. No other transport is able to substitute the pleasure Segway gives.

You will highly appreciate the spirit of adventure of Stockholm. Here you will easily find all the entertaining things to make your travel unforgettable and interesting. An awesome place to begin your tour around Stockholm is the fabulous Royal palace. The next point to stop could be famous Skeppsholmen Island. The island used to be a military post but later evolved into a cultural center of Stockholm and Sweden.

Almost all most famous buildings of the Swedish capital such as City Hall, Royal Opera and Parliament House will be included in this tour. While preparing a plan of this tour, consider doing it by a Segway for better convenience. A Segway trip is very funny and gives you an opportunity to see everything closer. We are sure you have got interested in a Segway tour, aren’t you? Check out ten cool facts regarding Segway and book a trip. And these facts will help you understand why this Stockholm tour is so exciting and you will love it.

Ten amusing things about Segway in Stockholm

  1. A Segway PT is an electric self balanced transport which has 2 wheels and works using power batteries.
  2. Dean Kamen from the USA is Segway inventor.
  3. The producer of the funky vehicle with 2 wheels is Segway Inc. From New Hampshire.
  4. The unique name Segway has come from the word “Segue” that means smooth movement. As for the PT it is the abbreviation of Personal Transportation.
  5. The “dark” secret of Segway’s incredible balance is connected to computers and motor which are located in the lower main part of the vehicle. These smart electronics and motors make sure that the vehicle does not fall over when you switch it on.
  6. If you fear Segway controls – relax, it’s incredibly simple. Lean to the front or to the back and drive forward or backwards.
  7. During the ride shift the weight to the front or lean back to make speed higher or lower.
  8. Segway easily detects weight shifts with its fluid sensors – gyroscopic and leveling.
  9. And for launching Segway, one needs to press the handlebar to the left or to the right.
  10. The Segway PT is able to have the maximum of 12.5 mph and it is driven by the electric engine making any street tour comfortable and easy.

If you are going to come to Stockholm, don’t miss a chance to experience this exclusive trip. Finally, it is not that accessible in other parts of the world. One more significant factor is that Segway is absolutely eco-friendly and handling it is very easy and simple and a complete newbie can use it without much difficulties. However, following safety instructions and having a helmet is necessary all the time.

There are only very few restrictions on Segway use. Here are the requirements: a driver should be more than 12 years old and weigh not more than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.