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Walking tours in Stockholm for free

Nearly sixty bridges and fourteen islands grant Stockholm the name of a Northern Venice. In spite of the big size visitors call the capital of Sweden “small”. The reason is that Stockholm is not spread around like the majority of big cities. Thus Stockholm is a very convenient place to have a walking tour.
Walking tours
According to the foreign tourists’ opinion, the most interesting way is to move around Stockholm on foot. Free walking tours in Stockholm work just like a magnet for inveterate walkers. A very tourists-friendly urban arrangement makes each tour exciting and fascinating.
Walking is definitely the best possible way to investigate Swedish capital. You will meet attractions literally on your whole way. You could start with the major ones like Riddarholmen Church or the Great Hall. Stockholm history is engrossing, one will definitely agree on that.

Stockholm subway is called a state-of-art construction. Almost every station is different and wonderful. Try to see them all and don’t hesitate to pay for a day ticket. As a matter of fact many walking routes have subway stations included.
Create your own route
There is a stereotype that one should make a detailed plan of a trip to a new place. Rather often the most exciting things happen during a spontaneous walk. Even if you purchase a prestigious Stockholm city tour it doesn’t guarantee that you will see as much as you could see walking.
For instance, it will be a great idea to spend a day in the Royal National park. A group tour will hardly allow you to stay there long enough. The park is incredibly charming and calm. Tourists like to go there to reflect and to relax.
Have you ever heard that Stockholm is a capital of culture too? More than 70 museums are waiting for you. There are dozens of museums devoted to different things. Swedish culture and history and a great number of other fantastic things are presented in the museums.
Relax and get fun
A large number of funny events happens in certain time. Swedish people have their own vision of Easter and the children get dressed like Halloween creatures and play “trick-or-treat”. That can be called the most untypical way to celebrate Easter.
Another cool great to feel Sweden deeper is to come here for a crayfish festival. Those who would like to visit this great feast need to come in August. All Swedish people are fond of crayfish parties and they will be happy if you come. There is no other better chance to make new acquaintances and just get much fun.
Come and enjoy
Finally, the main goal of any traveling is in making people happy. All of us like different ways to spend time – some go to a club, while the others can do something else. We suggest you spending your time here as you like. Do what you want and don’t look at others. The more relaxed you are the more great things in Stockholm you will see!