Free Tours-What To Do in Stockholm Sweden

free walking tour stockholm

Free Walking Tours in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city situated on 14 islands connected with nearly sixty bridges. However, Swedish capital is often claimed to be “World Smallest Big City”. It is caused by the compact design of this great city. It makes Stockholm incredibly convenient – a tourist may see nearly all possible attractions by simply strolling around.
City hiking
Without a doubt, urban walking tours are becoming more popular. A lot of foreign tourists come to join free walking tour in Stockholm daily. The old-fashioned city arrangement offers a great number of amusing things for everyone.
While strolling, you can discover much more than by using a car or a bus. Each street and house have their own interesting history. If you want some inspiration you can start the tour with, for example, the Great Hall or with Riddarholmen Church. Within a couple of hours you will realize how great the local cultural and historical heritage is.
Another awesome point of interest is the Stockholm subway. Tourists like saying that each station is a true masterpiece. It’s worth buying a day ticket in order to see them all. You can easily find a free Stockholm tour that includes the subway stations.

Free walking tours in Stockholm

Free walking tours in Stockholm

Create your own route
There is an annoying stereotype that you should plan a trip to another place. On practice it regularly appears that there is no much sense in it. It means that purchasing a tour that looks presitigious no one guarantees you see all great things.
Some places like Royal National park deserve much more tourists’ attention than bus tours offer. Only a free Stockholm walking tour can let you spend great time there. This place has a fantastic ambience of relaxation. It is the most comfortable part of Stockholm to spend time with family or alone.
Do you know what showcases the majesty of Stockholm better than anything? There are about interesting museums available for all tourists. There are various museums devoted to different things. History, arts, weapons, culture and hundreds of other topics will definitely amuse you.
Funny time
Experienced travelers know that it’s important to find the right time to go to Stockholm. People in Sweden have their own perception of Easter and the kids get dressed like Halloween monsters and go for “trick-or-treat”. That’s quite unusual for the tourists and thus funny.
Another nice great to feel Sweden better is to go for a crayfish party. If you wish to visit it – go to Sweden in August. All local people are keen on crayfish parties and they will be glad if you come too. You will be amused with the funny atmosphere there.
No plan is needed
Finally, the main aim of any traveling is in making people happy. Clubs, theaters, museums – each of us likes something more and something less. We suggest you spending your time here as you like. Do what you want and don’t look at others. Come to the Swedish capital and enjoy your time!