The Stockholm Card is the gateway to fun and nature exploration

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Why would I need the Stockholm Card?

Stockholm is a splendid but rather costly capital. It’s really a serious challenge to check its points of interest and sense the spirit of this Northern city without leaving there all money.

What advantages does the Card have.

While visiting Stockholm for a short period of time, The Stockholm Card is the gateway to fun and nature exploration. The card:

  • Gives the way to more than eighty museums and allows you to get to all kinds of touristic attractions. You will not need to pay any entrance fee with the Stockholm City Card and such a solution will save much money. The Stockholm Card is an irreplaceable pass for all museum visitors and just for the people who would simply like to learn more about the cultural life of the Swedish capital.
  • Relieves you from necessity to pay for municipal transport – choose any bus or any tram and go where you want to. Furthermore, you can use boats for free too! It’s that fantastic?
  • Lets you save money again by granting a discount for various city tours on a bus or a doubledecker as well as for boat routes to the palace of Drottningholm and tickets to Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

How Long Will The Card Last?

To save your funds there are four price plans for different number of days. You can choose among 1, 2, 3 or 5 days stay and thus pay only for suitable period of time without any excess costs.

Where can I get the city card and what is its price?

The price solution is very transparent and fair – you pay for the number of days that he or she spends in Stockholm. There are discount cards for 1, 2, 3 and 5 days – take any that matches better.

Regardless of discounts from time to time the cost of the Stockholm card stays unchanged all the time. Speaking about the discounts you could get one from Ikea by obtaining their Family Membership card.

Do I need such a card?

Visitors can have many benefits with the Stockholm Card. They will not have to pay entrance fee when visiting exhibitions, museums and sightseeing – if you are planning a lot of such activities buying the Card will certainly allow you to save expenses.

Stockholm has a great number of amusing places that have no copies in the whole world. If you are an experienced traveler you know it perfectly.

But we are not exaggerating the functionality and usefulness of the Stockholm Discount Card – let’s keep in mind that this solution is made mostly for the sightseeing fans. Tourists who have any other plans in the Swedish capital, for instance nightlife, business trips and strolling will hardly need such a service like the Card.

Luckily there are dozens of kiosks in Stockholm where you can buy the card if you suddenly change your mind.