My Trip-The Stockholm Card

Who could use the Stockholm Card?

Swedish capital is a charming and event-packed place everyone would feel fine in. Everything here has its own outstanding beauty that cannot be compared to any other city. Some of Swedish cities offer special discount cards developed mainly for the people coming for a few days. The Stockholm Card will make your life in this fantastic city much easier and help you avoid inconvenient moments and time wasting.

What benefits does the Card offer.

All short term visitors will be happy about the city card which is very useful in museums, theaters etc., since it

  • Lets you get to the Stockholm cultural life. If you are used to those terrible entrance fees and wasting time in long boring queues you will become a happy city card owner – no queues and no fees anymore!
  • Releases you from paying anything

For municipal transport – choose any bus or any tram and go where you want to. More than that, you can become a passenger of any of the boats for free too! It’s that fantastic?

  • Provides interesting discounts for a great number of sightseeing routes arranged on buses and boats as well as for visiting Cosmonova IMAX theatre.

How Long Will The Card Last?

To save your money there are four price solutions for different number of days. One can choose among one, two, three or five days visit and thus pay only for suitable period of time without any extra costs.

Where can I buy the city card and how much does it cost?

The price depends on the selected package – 525 SEK (Swedish Krona) for one-day plan, 675 SEK is the cost of the two-day plan, 825 and 1095 SEK are the prices for three and five-days plans. Everybody can easily get the City Card in any information booth in Stockholm.

The card cost stays consistent throughout the year. However, there are discounts on circumstantial basis. Ikea, for instance, grants discount codes to customers who get the Ikea Family membership card.

When To Buy One

Firstly, the Stockholm Card is mainly recommended for the tourists who came to Stockholm for sightseeing. They will then avoid paying those annoying entrance fees and save decent money. Purchasing the Card pays itself if your visit is short but eventful.

Taking a simple calculator and the Internet you can easily and quickly compare the card costs to the expenditures of being in Stockholm without the city card. We are perfectly aware of the result.

But we are not exaggerating the usefulness and functionality of the Stockholm Card – please remember that it’s an option designed mostly for the sightseeing seekers. Tourists who have any other plans in the capital such as going to clubs, business trips and long promenades will not need such a service like the Card.

The good news is that there are many points in Stockholm where you can purchase the city card in case if you suddenly change your mind.