My Trip To Stockholm

Get the most out of Stockholm 

sightseeing stockholmMany Northern Lights vacations start or finish in Stockholm, and even though you might be more focused on getting out into the wilderness to get your first glance of the Northern Lights, vacations that comprise a day or two in the capital city of Sweden are undoubtedly worth contemplating. This beautiful city is definitely photogenic and it is a great spot to spend an additional day or two finding the more cultural side of the state, before heading up into Swedish Lapland to appreciate what you actually came for.

Sightseeing – Get the most out of visit Stockholm

For those who have a few days to relish the city it is worth getting yourself a «Stockholm Card» as this offers great value when intending to fit in as much as possible. An excellent solution to orientate yourself would be to take one of the standard boat or bus tours round the city, which ceases at various points where you are able to jump off or jump back on again.

For culture buffs, a trip to the Vasa Museum must not be missed. This 400-year old boat, which has its house in Stockholm harbour, is the only 17th century ship on the planet to be maintained, plus it’s rightly valued. Decorated with numerous carvings, more than 95% of the boat is first. The Vasa warship sank in the center of Stockholm in 1628 and was not salvaged until 333 years after, when its restoration started. Nothing short of breathtaking, this boat now houses the museum, that is the most seen in Scandinavia. With nine exhibits forever exhibited throughout the boat, you are able to learn about life onboard and even see a movie about the Vasa, which is accessible in 16 languages. For an all-inclusive insight into the museum, shoot one of the guided tours which are on offer.

In the event you are seeking something a bit more offbeat in your visit to Stockholm, head to Fotografiska, the exceptional photographic museum that opened four years past. This unbelievable display of pictures is displayed in four important parts, and every year the museum invites up to 20 smaller exhibits to make use of the space. While pictures of your own Northern Lights vacations might not fit in here, the pictures which are displayed are captivating in more ways than one!

Sightseeing Stockholm-learn more

Take a visit to the Old Town and also you are able to learn about the Nobel Prize and its own creator, Alfred Nobel, as well as other esteemed Laureates as well as their thoughts. The Nobel Museum holds guided tours and you’ll be able to see short films on the way the visions of these folks have affected the world. The historic journey culminates in the Nobel Banquet, where you are able to indulge in Nobel ice cream and other tasty Swedish treats.visit stockholm

Fans of literary fictions will definitely take pleasure in the Millennium Trilogy Tour of Steig Larsson. The writer of three bestsellers, that have now become movies as well as a TV series, set his characters on the central isle of the city, known as Sodermalm. The tour takes you on place and also you will truly get involved in the setting.

Northern Lights vacations are a delight and experience in his characters, but when you have a few additional days, why don’t you add on a sightseeing Stockholm? You will be pleasantly surprised what’s on offer in the city.

Stockholm: Where Sophistication Meets Natural Beauty

One much-seen place for Northern Lights vacations is the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, which is famous for its blend of sophistication, beauty and refined ambience. This leads to the attractiveness of the destination even past the circumstance of Northern Lights vacations.

FoFotografiska Stockholmr tourists, the city provides numerous methods to complement their Aurora Borealis experiences. Consider, for example, the Vasa. Considered by many locals to be required viewing for tourists, this 17th century boat-established museum is the sole preserved boat of its own kind and period remaining on the planet. Salvaged in the mid-20th century — nearly 300 years after it sank on its maiden voyage — the glorious boat was restored as close to its initial form as possible. It’s since become the most visited museum in Scandinavia, welcoming over a million visitors annually. Marine history enthusiasts don’t wish to overlook the chance to investigate this amazing boat and learn a bit more about its history from the exhibits held within.

Those less inclined to the ocean, though, won’t be at a loss when spending time in visit Stockholm as portion of their Northern Lights vacations. The city hosts lots of more conventional museums, which are definitely more than enough to please anyone with a penchant for culture. Examples of these contain the Fotografiska modern photo gallery, a heart for the works of Sweden’s most prominent up and coming photographers, and the Nobel Museum, where visitors can learn about the prestigious award and its own creator, Alfred Nobel. Aaround Sweden’s Guided tours themed most well-known literary work — Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy — could also be of interest for culture aficionados seeing the Swedish capital.

Beautiful Stockholm

Among the very most delightful cities in Europe, the capital of Sweden makes a wonderful addition to the itinerary of Northern Lights vacations. This city of culture deserves acknowledgement and is undoubtedly worth a few days to investigate. If you’re really remaining in the city for just two days, it might be worth purchasing the Stockholm card, which offers the most economical solution to see tons of the key highlights.

As in many cities, Stockholm has several hop-on, hop-off tours either by boat or bus. These tours give an excellent solution to orientate yourself in the city and provide you with an overall insight into just what the city offers.


The VASA museum is a real hit in the city, and when see the centrepiece of the 17th century boat you’ll shortly see why. This unique treasure is adorned with hand carved sculptures and, thanks to careful preservation, more than 95% of what you see is first. It’s hard to believe this boat remained undiscovered for over 300 years after it sank in 1628. The restoration team is continuing their hard work as well as the boat is slowly showing its former glory. The museum boasts nine exhibits that tell you all about how life was onboard this amazing boat. There’s a brief movie revealed in 16 languages and there’s a cafe and little souvenir store too.


For serious or budding photographers, a visit to Fotografiska ought to be contained on the itinerary. This comparatively new museum is full to the brim with excellent examples of modern photography, spread over four important exhibits and several smaller ones. There’s a gift shop, a restaurant along with a pub that offers a number of the finest views in the city.

The Nobel Museum

The Nobel Museum is situated right in the center of the city, in the magnificent Old Town. Here it is possible to get an insight into the narrative of the famous Nobel Prize and its own creator, Alfred Nobel. There are guided tours, pictures, as well as a show of uncommon items that depict the fascinating history of the prestigious prize. There’s a gift shop too, as well as the cafe in the museum is really a highlight, serving the delectable Nobel ice cream.

Northern Lights vacations could be turned into even more pleasurable and satisfying by spending a few days in the amazing city of Stockholm at the start or ending of your journey. The three highlights above merely scratch the surface of the country’s myriad interests.