My Unforgettable Experiences Living in Stockholm

It was my first time in Stockholm and it became an unforgettable and exhilarating experience for me.(Living in Stockholm)

visit Stockholm and living in stockholm

I am a student from the United States and coming to this beautiful city was so totally new to me. I was not used to living in a very vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere with charming narrow streets, canals filled with lovely boats and stunning parks. I am sharing with you everything that I know about this city and my own experiences when I walked around the wonderful attractions in Stockholm . If you are a traveller and you dream of going to a place rich in beauty and great people, you should visit Stockholm and living in Stockholm. Let me start by telling you about the weather and what you should expect.


I was very lucky to arrive in city in the middle of summer. I was very surprised to experience a hot and sunny weather in this Northern country. Many people are cycling, picnicking or jogging because the sun is always out. This is truly a gorgeous place during Spring and Summer where you can see a lot of flowers in full bloom and the trees are so green. You can even see squirrels and rabbits foraging around in search of food. The weather is perfect for biking and it became a hobby for me to ride through the woods every morning and enjoy nature. You can say that  has extreme weather because the winter season brings cold snow and rain while their spring and summer is constant sunshine and soaring temperatures.

My Favourite Park in City

We don’t have the luxury of visiting gorgeous parks back in the US. So when I first came here, I was really ecstatic about strolling in the park and spending a lazy afternoon there. I like sculptures so I always visit Millesgården where you can find Carl Milles’ most famous works. Sometimes, I visit this park to have my lunch or sip an espresso. This is the most relaxing place for me to have a glass of wine with my friends while having a nice conversation about other places to visit.

I Know How to Fika Like the Swedes

One of the first things I noticed about the lifestyle of the people here in Sweden is their love for coffee breaks. During my first few weeks here, I would always notice a group of people chattingplaces to visit here in Stockholm and living in stockholm over coffee and a thick slice of cake or cinnamon rolls. One of my local friends told me that this coffee break is called Fika and it means sharing coffee and sweets with your friends in a comfortable setting. Being a coffee lover, I have no problem adapting to this local custom and I was delighted when my local friend invited me to a cafe where they serve strong, delicious coffee with Kanelbulle or cinnamon rolls and Kaffeebrod or coffee bread.

The Cost of Living

Eating out can be rather expensive , especially if you are a student just like me. If you are going to watch a movie, a cinema ticket can cost you up to 135kr or almost £11. Drinking beer can also burn a hole in your pocket since it cost more than £5. However, if you know how to save up and be more resourceful, you can beat the high cost of living here. Not everything is expensive here because education is free and the housing is very cheap. Clothes are also cheap here and you can easily find designer shirts, shoes, pants and winter clothing at the most reasonable prices. I entered a store where I found lovely antique items and memorabilia at a very low price. All you need to do is explore city and talk to your friends about the best places to do your groceries as well as where to buy food, clothing and the daily stuff that you need. If you visit Stockholm or living in Stockholm, you have to be prepared for everything.

My Commute and living in Stockholm

I feel very safe in Sweden. Back at home, you cannot make me take a subway at 1am. Here, the subway is clean and very safe for the commuters. Their subway system runs every night on Fridays and Saturdays. This is also a perfect place for commuting because I can always travel to the centre of the city from anywhere in just 30 minutes.
Exploring the Islands Around Sthlm.
Before I went here, I researched about the many attractions in Stockholm that are worth visiting and one of the places that people always mention is Skansen. During the first few weeks, I asked my local friends for some instructions on how to get to Skansen so I can experience this popular Open-Air Museum. I took a ferry from city and it took about 20 to 25 minutes to get to the island of Djurgården. I was surprised to find that the town was so alive and bustling with all sorts of activities. It’s like I’ve been transported to the 19th century because I can see cobbler shops, blacksmiths, silversmiths, bakers, weavers and even saddle makers. The surprise didn’t stop there because I soon found out that the town has its own zoo. Of course, the 19th century experience is not complete without drinking home-brewed beer in the local tavern, which made me look tough even for just a few minutes.
I couldn’t leave out the Old Town or otherwise known as Gamla Stan since it is one of the most visited places in city. I would never get tired of walking around Gamla Stan. The place is pedestrian-friendly and it is a feast for all your senses. This is where I experienced walking on a narrow cobblestone street with museums and churches nearby. It’s like you are walking into a story book, especially when the Royal Palace looms in your field of vision. I was in awe when I first had a glimpse of this majestic palace and I was glad I witnessed the parade of soldiers and I even waited for the ceremonial changing of the guards.
If you ask me if I would recommend and I would look straight in your eyes and tell you that you must visit city. This is an exciting place for those who want to be enchanted and experience great fun.

Swedish military training  🙂