Stockholm City and Arlanda Airport

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Sweden attracts 1000s of tourists annually from different parts of the globe.

Food, music and cultural attractions are what tourists come for to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

The Arlanda Air Port is situated in the Sigtuna Municipality and is also about 37 km through the town of Stockholm. This Stockholm airport may be the largest in Sweden and forms a serious gateway for many international travel to and from the continent. Manchester international can do handling over 20 million passengers annually, both domestic and international.

Facilities and Infrastructure at Arlanda

Derived from the name Arland, edinburgh airport has three runways using the third one used sparingly during peak traffic conditions. Runway 1 is the longest (3301 m) and is also equipped to handle the most heavy aircraft on the market. Runways 2 about three have an overall length of 2500 meters. Designed with modern CAT III IL systems, take-offs and landings could happen simultaneously from the runways. All runways also sport high-speed taxiways for the planes to exit quickly after the landing. Many of the major airline services that operate out of this include British Airways, Emirates, Finnair, Lufthansa, Thai Airways, and Qatar Airways, and the like.

The Stockholm airport

The Stockholm airport

The Stockholm airport has four terminals numbered 2, 5, 3 and 4. Whereas Terminals 2 and 5 bring international flights, Terminals 3 and 4 serve the domestic sector. Terminal 2 has parking is short for 8 aircrafts along with passenger bridges. The terminal is fairly small however, extra luggage claim area, security check, restaurants and shops are already added in the past. The travellers lounge and the restaurants are now positioned on a fresh level that was constructed in 2013.

Terminal 5 may be the largest passenger terminal in Arlanda. The terminal has parking space for 31 passenger aircrafts and bridges. The terminal also sports restaurants, bars, and shops. Chartered flights can also be handled with that terminal.

The Arlanda Express

The Arlanda Express trains cover the gap involving the airport and also the city center in twenty minutes’ serious amounts of runs up to six times in a hour. The platform to the Arlanda Express is offered easily from within the arrival terminals. The fare is SEK 530 for any round trip and SEK 280 traveling one of the ways.




These airport coaches travel between your Arlanda airport and City Terminal that’s located near to the Central Station. You will find there’s departure every ten to fifteen minutes and the travel time is about 35 to 40 minutes. The charges are about SEK 79. Additionally they run services to another airports like Skavsta, Bromma, and Vasteras. The trips are timed according to the flight arrivals and departures in most these airports.

Sky City Commuter Trains

These depart 2 times in a hour and connect edinburgh airport to the Stockholm Central Station. The travel time is 38 minutes. This facility is given through the or trains company in Stockholm.

Taxi Services

Taxi services can be purchased with the Arlanda airport. The skills are run by different companies and also the fares usually are not regulated. Because of this the fares can differ widely. Charge cards are however, accepted. Some recommended taxi services include Taxi Kurir, Taxi 020 and Taxi Stockholm. The Fares range between SEK 395 to SEK 599.

Arlanda’s Shopping Thoroughfare

This is found Terminal 5 and presents a pick on most major brands from all over the world. Bath & Bodyworks, Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, DKNY, etc., are one of the shops available here. Shops sport a variety of luxury goods from fragrances, to scented candles, make-up, leather handbags and wallets, and chocolates.

Hotels In and Around Arlanda

There are many hotels that are located in and around Arlanda Airport. Clarion Hotel is around the Sky City inside the airport between Terminal 4 and 5. The bar and restaurant of the hotel disregard the runways. There’s a gym, an outside heated pool, and conference facilities for 900 people.

The Jumbo Stay is over a jumbo plane that rests on to the floor. You’ll find 27 rooms aboard plus a conference room for up to 10 members. Additional facilities feature a cost.

Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel

This hotel can be found a short while from your airport. There are rooms designed for any requirement. Free bus transfer from the hotel called Parking Bus Alfa is available. These buses depart four times within an hour to everyone the terminals.

Rest and Fly

This can be a low cost hotel within the airport Sky City. Offering competitive rates for stay during day or night times, you can rent a bath even without renting an area.

Skavsta Airport

The smaller Stockholm airport at Skavsta can be found with regards to a 100 km from Stockholm County and it is another -largest one in the united states. Earlier used as a military airport till about 1980, it was briefly taken out of service for a few years. However, the town Council of Nykoping enabled the commercial continuing development of manchester airport. Edinburgh airport currently handles 2.5 million passengers annually and is also growing.

Facilities Offered to the Passengers

A few of the facilities open to the passengers include cash machines and currency exchange facilities. Internet kiosks and a post office will also be shipped to passengers’ convenience. Scheduled services of Ryanair, Wizz Air, Gottlandsflyg, and Jet Time can be found.

Car Rental

Car rental companies for example Europcar, Hertz, and Avis, and others, offer their helps in the airport. However, only pre-booked services can be obtained. It takes approximately 80 minutes to the city center. The charges remain SEK 1400.

Bus Services

Flygbussarna coaches ferry passengers through the Skavsta Airport for the Stockholm City terminal once every hour. The travel time is roughly 1 hour 30 minutes. Local bus services are around for carry passengers to Nykoping city center along with other places in southeast Stockholm. Airport bus services links are timed in line with the flight arrivals and departures with the aircrafts. The fare is around SEK 149 to get a one-way trip.


The area train station in Nykoping is at a distance of 7 km far from Skavsta. Regional trains over the Linkoping – Stockholm – Gavle route serve commuters.


The Skavsta Airport houses the ARG Duty Free and you’ll discover perfumes and natural skin care products at 20 percent lower than the costs at Traditional. Souvenirs, confectionery and accessories can even be purchased at attractive prices. Alcohol and tobacco can be purchased tax-free for out of doors EU travellers. The shopping times are adjusted to flight departure timings.