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Christmas in Stockholm

Stockholm has an especial place among all other European capitals. Winter turns Stockholm into an incredibly cozy place. Stockholm Old Town always looks perfect, but in winter it becomes something specific. It has its own unmatched ambience with the handmade souvenirs, market, tasty chestnuts and of course, glogg.

Turn into a baker

Skansen belongs to the most remarkable places of Swedish capital. Since 1891 Skansen has remained the most interesting open-air museum in entire Scandinavia. All sorts of local architecture are presented here. One more great thing is that guests can go inside of most of the old buildings. Schools, bakeris, forges and post offices are the most attractive in the last pre-Christmas evening when everyone can get inside and participate in funny competitions.

In December, for instance, they have a great Christmas market in Skansen. One couldn’t think of winter Stockholm tourism without this place. In case if you are not a shopper you can, let’s say, try your hands in baking some bread with the 19th century bakery equipment. Challenging, isn’t it?

Skansen market gathers about a thousand tourists daily. It means that you should be prepared for a lot of people and have plenty of patience.

When non-shoppers like shopping

Stureplan square in Stockholm will attract you even if you are a convinced shopping hater. Buying is actually not the best part. The main pleasure is in walking around and finding unusual things. Stureplan should become a point in your Christmas tour. There is no better attraction in the whole world that has such a Scandinavian spirit.

After the shopping you could go for ice-skating and have a great entertainment with your family. Foreign guests like that ice-skating rink and quite often go there. This is why the rink is the most suitable place for making new acquaintances.

Family fare

The museums of the Swedish capital are amusing for both young and adult people. However, there are also some activities aimed mainly on families with little kids. For example, you could go altogether to Stockholm circus. Every performance there perfectly suits for watching it with family. Your children will be happy and thankful, don’t even doubt! Stockholm circus is a brilliant attraction for any family tour.

Ferry trips are fascinating as well. You can take it near the Opera and then go to small amusing islands. But please don’t forget that blowing weather is not good for water tours. There are warm and thick buck skins on a ferry for those who are cold. When there is good weather in Stockholm a ferry trip is a perfect solution.

Enjoy your time in Stockholm

Sweden is a Northern land and from time to time its weather gets really tough. Low temperature is typically not a big problem, but the wind is. Wind is a great obstacle which can make you vote for some indoor activities.

One could go to the local attractions called rooms which are very popular among tourists. You can check Questrooms, Exit Games and other spots like that. There are more than 30 attractions of that type in Swedish capital!

The National Museum and the Royal Opera suit well for an afternoon visit. Nightlife in Stockholm is one more interesting attraction for all the travelers. There are dozens of them in the city center and in the old town. As a matter of fact the majority of Stockholm pubs could be compared to their European counterparts. Swedish beer is incredible and is definitely worth trying it without looking at the price. Awesome nightlife is another significant characteristic of the capital of Sweden. City center is full of awesome nightclubs, pubs and bars. It’s not a big deal to find a nice place to stay.

See the whole globe from the Globe

Globe-shaped Sports Center is another attraction of Stockholm. There is no other ball in the world larger than that. In addition, you could enjoy a great view from the Sports Center viewing platform. The revolving deck moves around the Center and gets to the height of 130 meters! The entire city will be in front of you.

Don’t think twice and choose Stockholm as your Christmas holidays destination!