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10 Astonishing Facts About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of charm and invention. A lot of trends in fashion, music, technologies are invented here before they got popular worldwide. Trendy bars and luxurious restaurants, notable cafes, pubs make this old city a desired holiday destination for travelers from different parts of the world. Speaking about the things people adore we would like to mention very warm ambience, amazing nature and fine views. One of the major attractions of Stockholm is the Segway, an ecologically harmless 2-wheel transport that helps you move fast and makes a lot of fun while travelling.

It’s really awesome that you are an experienced roadster who has seen an endless numer of world attractions, however Segway tours in Stockholm will certainly become something new for you. A bus or a train just cannot substitute Segway with its impressive mobility and comfort.

Stockholm is a capital of glory and outstanding adventures. As a big and up-to-date city the capital of Sweden has endless number of attractions and amusement facilities. An awesome place to begin your travel around Stockholm is the fabulous Royal palace. From the royal home, you can get towards the Skeppsholmen island, one of the smallest islands long ago used to be a military point of Sweden, but now it is located in the heart of Stockholm.

This fantastic trip includes all famous Stockholm buildings, from Royal Opera to Parliament House. Segway is definitely the best mean of transport for this trip. Moving by a Segway is very close to strolling with one certain difference – you can move faster. If you wish to learn more about Segway in Stockholm here are the ten funny Segway facts that can give you an idea about the trip. Don’t think twice and read the facts – you will get lots of new information there.

Ten interesting things about Segway in Stockholm

  1. The Segway PT is a 2-wheeled, battery-powered electric vehicle.
  2. The Stockholm Segway was invented an engineer Dean Kamen.
  3. This ingenious 2-wheeled personal vehicle is produced by the Segway Inc. Situated in New Hampshire.
  4. The uncommon word Segway was taken from the word Segue with the meaning “able to move smoothly”. PT means Personal Transportation.
  5. The motors and the computers that are placed into the base of the machine makes the Segway upright all the time while the power is being used. That lets keep the right balance of the vehicle.
  6. The controls are super simple – lean to the front to move to the front and lean back to move back, and that’s it!
  7. While balancing, the Segway records the changes in the meters and then adjusts the proper speed, regulated by moving forward or backward.
  8. The leans are recorded by special leveling and gyroscopic sensors.
  9. And for launching Segway, the driver should press the handlebar to the right or left.
  10. The Segway PT can maintain the maximum of 12.5 mph and it is driven by the electric motors making the street tour comfortable, safe and easy.

If you wish to check Segway in real life – come to Stockholm. Another significant thing is that Segway is absolutely eco-friendly and handling it is very easy and simple so that a complete newbie can handle it without any difficulties. But please remember to use a helmet and to properly follow all the instructions to avoid any risk.

Nearly everybody can use Segway. A driver must be above 12 years to get the permission for this journey and his or her weight should be less than 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.