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Ten Interesting Facts About Segway Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the most inventive world cities. All trends in fashion, music, innovations, design were invented in this city before they became popular worldwide. Guests from different countries visit Stockholm to see its history, cultural background and, of course, trendy cafes, bars and restaurants. Speaking about the things tourists love we would like to mention pleasant environment, amazing nature and fine views. Moreover, there is a fantastic chance for exploring Stockholm on a convenient and fast transport which is absolutely safe for the environment – Segway.

Even if you have been to many countries and may have experienced the nature beauties and human creation, but Stockholm Segway guarantees you the unique experience. A bus or a car will never replace Segway with its mobility and convenience.

One will definitely appreciate the spirit of adventure of Stockholm. Here you will easily find all the entertaining things to make your travel enjoyable and exciting. You can start the journey from the Royal palace known as the home of the royal dynasty. It’s one of the most popular attractions of the old world. Skeppsholmen island with all its fantastic museums, jazz music and architecture will be a good choice for the next place of interest to see here in Stockholm.

Nearly all most famous buildings of Stockholm such as City Hall, Royal Opera and Parliament House will be included in this tour. While planning this Stockholm tour, consider doing it by a Segway for better convenience. Going by a Segway is nearly equal to going on foot with one difference – you can move faster. We have no doubts you have got interested in Stockholm tour with a Segway, right? Check those ten interesting facts regarding Segway and book a tour. And our facts will make you better understand why this Stockholm tour is so easy and why you will 100% enjoy it.

Ten amusing things about Stockholm Segway

  1. A Segway PT construction includes power batteries, a pair of wheels and technology of self balancing.
  2. The Stockholm Segway is invented by an American engineer Dean Kamen.
  3. The amazing vehicle producer is Segway Inc. From New Hampshire.
  4. The word “Segue” acted as a root for the outstanding name Segway. “Segue” is a noun and a synonym of “smooth transporting”. PT is simply a short form of Personal Transportation.
  5. The machine is equipped with motor and electronics which are hidden in its base, and this is the reason why Segway does not lose its balance when it is turned on.
  6. The controls are super simple – lean to the front to go to the front and lean back to drive back, and that’s the deal!
  7. Having right balance, the Segway detects all the changes in the meters and then sets a matching speed, controled by leaning forward or backward.
  8. Segway quickly detects weight shifts with its fluid sensors – gyroscopic and level.
  9. Press the handlebar to the left or to the right to start driving.
  10. The Segway PT is able to achieve the speed of 12.5 miles per hours and it is based on the electric engine making the trip comfortable and easy.

A visit to Swedish capital is a very good chance to check Segway on practice. Segway is an ecologically friendly transport with such benefits like easiness, comfortable speed and user friendly controls. But remember to wear a helmet and to properly follow all the instructions to be on the safe side.

Segway trip is allowed for everybody with only few restrictions. One needs to be above 12 years to obtain permission for this trip and his maximum weight for this trip is 110 kg. If you do not meet these two requirements you will not be allowed for a Segway trip.