The Best Attractions in Stockholm!

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If you are going to be spending some time as a tourist in the wonderful Swedish capital, then it’s a good idea to find out in advance the must-see attractions you should go and visit. Stockholm is an outstanding city to visit with its Scandinavian architecture and history contrasting perfectly with the international feel that a well-renowned capital always has. In this article we will cover the best attractions for you to visit within Old Stockholm, which is also widely known by its Swedish name of Gamla Stan. Old Stockholm

Over Seven Hundred Years of History

The Old Town of Stockholm is steeped deeply in history with records going back all the way to the thirteenth century. However, the bulk of the architecture you will take in within Gamla Stan was constructed between two and three hundred years ago. Stockholm tours always include a visit to the Old Town, with a large percentage of tourists reporting that it was their favorite section of the city! As of today, only a few thousand people actually live in Stockholm’s Old Town, which makes it a sparsely populated area of a city that has nearly one million inhabitants. However, it is home to some of the most important buildings within the whole of Sweden and hosts many of the key events within Swedish cultural and political life.Over Seven Hundred Years of History
Old Stockholm’s Main Square
The centrepiece of Old Stockholm is its spectacular main square. Within close proximity to the square you will find the magnificent Royal Palace where many of the official engagements of the Swedish Royal Family take place. It is one of the grandest palaces in the whole of continental Europe with over six hundred rooms. It is set across seven floors and designed in the Roman style. It is a favorite of many taking part in Stockholm tours to take pictures to remember their visit. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting in the summer, then you should make sure to see the changing of the guards at the Palace which always makes for a great spectacle!the magnificent Royal Palace
A Feast of Museums
If you like museums, then you will absolutely love Old Stockholm. It is home to the Post Museum, the Nobel Museum and sections of the National Museum dedicated to the economy. The Nobel Museum ranks as one of the most important museums anywhere in the world. It is an entire museum dedicated solely to the Nobel Peace Prize and has an incredible wealth of information on the prize and its recipients, which is available to all who visit.The Royal Chapel
The Royal Chapel
Another fabulous attraction you won’t want to miss out on is The Royal Chapel. Although Sweden’s royalty doesn’t attract a following to the same extent as the royal family of Britain does, it still drew a large amount of world attention in 2010 when it hosted a royal wedding in 2010.
So Much To Enjoy in Old Stockholm!
After you’ve taken in the major attractions in the Old Town of Stockholm there’s nothing better than heading to one of the cafes or restaurants situated in and around the main square. The buzz of the atmosphere is electric and you can spend ages just sitting back and taking it all in.